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November 15, 2000

November 15, 2000
From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Fall Report 2000

In This Report:

Dear Friends and Students of Front Sight,

Front Sight continues to raise the standard for all other training organizations to follow. As we gain more and more momentum each month, the remarkable, the phenomenal, the unbelievable become common place occurrences at Front Sight. Just in the last two weeks we have trained another 500 students in a variety of courses including handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun, tactics, and precision rifle. See Our Students Speak at the end of this Fall Report for a sample of the thousands of positive comments we received in the third quarter of this year. With a minimum of one instructor for every 4 to 5 students on the firing line, Front Sight provides the highest standards in the industry and the greatest value in each and every course we offer. You too can expect a world class experience at Front Sight and leave our courses with significant improvement in your skills, regardless of how much or little previous training you have had. Understand that YOU are the product of Front Sight and we do everything possible to make you as good as possible during the time you spend with us.



2001 Schedule of Courses Released! At this link, you will find the 2001 Schedule of Courses. Notice several new specialized courses for our returning students who truly want the most advanced levels of training found anywhere in the world. By popular demand we have also expanded our night course offerings in July and August. Front Sight is the only school in the industry to offer such a large selection of night courses. For our new students, the 2001 schedule provides you with ample training opportunities every month so you too can gain the skills that separate Front Sight students from the rest of the gun owning population.

Construction Continues! The dozen, steel shade structures that I mentioned in the Summer Report are now in place. These permanent shade structures replaced the tent awnings we had used to date. Work continues in the completion of the four mile Front Sight Road, bringing it up to Clark County standards with appropriate underground drain pipe, road base and a chip seal finish. Permanent, reactive target systems are being anchored to concrete slabs making all the shooting ranges operational. Foundations and block construction around the shade structures is next on the shooting ranges and then we will begin the first set of buildings. I’m pleased to report that we are now regaining the momentum we lost last year. For those interested, see the Spring report for details on the lawsuit we filed against the original general contractor to recover our damages for the loss of income and delays of last year.

Assault Weapon Storage at Front Sight! If you were not already aware of it, California’s SB23 requires just about every semi-automatic rifle with a detachable box magazine and pistol grip or thumbhole stock to be registered as an Assault Weapon by December 31, 2000 or removed from the State of California to avoid felony prosecution. Front Sight has a solution for those who do not want to register their assault weapons or sell them out of state for pennies on the dollar, or face felony prosecution for possessing an unregistered Assault Weapon in California. See our information on this website and take advantage of our offer to store your assault weapons.

Four Day Instructor Development Course December 11-14 to expand our world class instructional staff! If you have what it takes to be a world class firearms instructor, and want to join an organization that has surpassed all other schools in the firearms training industry, then send me a resume and tell me why you would like an invitation to demonstrate your skills. We have a limited number of full time and numerous part time positions available on Front Sight’s staff. We only want the best. I repeat, we only want the best. If you are one of them, fax me your resume immediately at 831.684.2137. The next instructor development course is scheduled for December 11-14 at our Las Vegas facility. Class size is strictly limited so send in your resumes immediately. Those with suitable resumes will receive an invitation to attend this free of charge course.


  1. The ability to perform on demand, exactly, what you are teaching to the students.
  2. A strong desire and ability to impart your knowledge and expertise to the students.
  3. Voice, posture, vocabulary, and appearance that secures the student’s respect for your position as their instructor.
  4. High moral and ethical character which leaves you behaving in an exemplary manner on and off the range.
  5. A memory that allows you to always remember what it is like to be a student.
  6. The integrity to teach your course exactly as it is outlined in Front Sight’s curriculum with no alteration to the instructional doctrine.

Whether an instructor has actually experienced a lethal confrontation and shot for blood is really a question of circumstance and occupation. It is true that the experience of winning a gun fight lends some additional credibility to the words of the instructor. However, a gun fight under one’s belt does not, in itself, make a good instructor. Those who dwell on such issues soon reveal that they lack the more important instructional qualities that truly make the difference in a student’s performance. With that said, let me assure you that Front Sight’s staff has collectively seen the elephant numerous times. If you are looking for instructors who have been there and done that you need not look any further.

First Family Membership Price Increase! All First Family Membership prices will increase before the end of the year due. If you have been thinking about enrolling, get in before the price increase and start enjoying the benefits of all the free of charge courses you can attend.

December 2000 is your Last Chance for the Free Submachine Gun Course! By the time you read this report, 10,000 gun enthusiasts will have received our world famous, free, one-day submachine gun course! We have provided this course absolutely free of charge with no surprises, catches, or obligations. Those who attended will tell you it was an opportunity of a lifetime and a bargain at any price we could charge. If you want to get in while it is still free, then your last chance is December 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, or 10. In 2001, the only way you will get into this unbelievable course is to pay for it or participate in the Assault Weapon Storage program. So take advantage of this unbelievably free, but true opportunity while still free! Click here for your application.

Randal Zuniga wins $90,000 Silver membership! We look forward to seeing Randal attending any course at Front Sight that involves a firearm — free of charge! Congratulations Randal!


Here are just a handful of literally thousands of positive letters and comments we have received from Front Sight students who attended our Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Tactics, Precision Rifle and Free Submachine Gun courses over the last few months. As you read these comments, realize that these people are just like you. Prior to attending a course at Front Sight, they too, did not know what they were missing. Come to Front Sight and you will be telling your friends what these students are telling you...

If you have attended some of the ‘old’ schools you need to go to Front Sight. There are a lot of proficient shooters in the industry, but not all are professional instructors. Front Sight is the home of the professional instructors with the best facilities around.
Edwin Lowrey, US Special Forces, Retired

Student comfort and safety are stressed in a positive, team environment. Great job! The training is as good or better than any I have encountered. Very impressed by the direct and friendly teaching style, and the lack of ‘cute’ or ego-driven sayings or techniques. Solid, sound information delivered by superior instructors!
Bill Garland, Firearms Instructor, Oregon Police Academy

I approached this training with an extreme anti-gun attitude that I’ve had my whole life (50 years). Front Sight’s training definitely changed my attitude significantly. I acquired important skills to now share a new interest with my husband. Thank you Front Sight!
Mallika Albert, Massage Therapist

I did not know how much I did not know about shooting a firearm until I attended Front Sight. I grew up with guns around my house and my father was a police officer and I attended firearm classes at my local range. After Front Sight’s course, I realize how inferior and incompetent all of that previous training was. Thank you for helping me become a safe and responsible gun owner.
Tony Wise, Pawnbroker

I thought I knew what I was doing. After attending the Four Day Handgun course I now know what I did not know and learned and improved a ton! Excellent instruction. The personnel and training techniques are top notch. I will go back for more training.
Bryon R. Benz, Captain, US Army

When Front Sight said they can guarantee improvement, I had to see it to believe it. The class made me realize how much I did not know about handling a firearm in a confrontational situation. I am so much better and much more confident now, after taking the class. Front Sight came through for me and they will come through for you.
Julie Aliconar, Commercial Title Officer

Incredibly patient and sincere instructors. They really want to help and went the extra mile for all students. I have been shooting rifles for 25 years and I now know twice as much as I did when I walked into the class on the first morning.
David Kernan, Information Systems

The level of professionalism and competence at Front Sight will surprise and delight you. It is truly an opportunity that must be experienced.
Dennis Murphy, Banker

As I have attended two other well known schools, I would have to say that Front Sight is the best firearms school I have attended.
Mike Hrobuchak, Airline Pilot

It’s great! Not just this course, but all courses offered are appealing to do as soon as possible to improve knowledge, skills and abilities with the best in the field.
Les Stickles, Police Lieutenant

Front Sight has the finest instructors and the finest curriculum of any firearms training I have ever taken.
Alan Smith, Engineer

This course far exceeds any training I had in my law enforcement career of 20 years. This is a comprehensive, very safe, and responsible course of instruction for all types of handguns.
Dave Lesley, Self Employed

Front Sight presents to the entire nation, what the right to self defense means in today’s society. I applaud the school and its mission. I hope someday my two children (now ages 7 and 10) will have the opportunity to attend Front Sight’s training.
Richard Ferry, Business Manager

Absolutely the most dedicated and competent bunch of professionals I have ever had the pleasure of training with. Very patient and understanding, yet firm in the commitment to facilitate our learning. I know I am 100% more competent than I was just two days ago. You can put yourself in this course knowing little about firearms and defense and in just two days you will come out of this experience more skilled and confident than 90% of the people who own firearms—not only in the mechanics of defense, but the legal and ethical aspects as well. I highly recommend Front Sight to anyone who wants to walk with power.
Jeffrey Paley, Engineer

As a lifetime shooter, I came to Front Sight expecting to learn. I had no idea how much I did not know. Front Sight’s training experience is unmatched.
Kenneth Elliot, Retired Naval Officer

Trying to explain what a Front Sight class is like is like trying to explain the color blue to someone who has been blind from birth. I can try to explain it, but you can’t understand until you have experienced it first hand.
Dennis DeChance, Construction Estimator

Extremely helpful and friendly staff. I was shooting better after the first day than I have in the eight years of practicing on my own at the range.
Chess Smythe, Emergency Room Tech

I signed up for a Front Sight course to appease my husband. I agreed to come, but not necessarily to shoot. I was afraid of actually shooting something automatic. The instructors were great. After the first shots were fired, I became much more relaxed and had a fantastic time. Now I will likely come back for another course. Thank you for this opportunity.
Beth Duensing, Homemaker

The defensive handgun course is an eye-opener that was jammed packed with real world information. Front Sight is not a boot camp with drill instructors, but rather a friendly and highly competent learning environment. I cannot imagine a better way to learn how and when to use firearms for your personal defense. I have had a concealed weapon permit for almost 15 years. I learned more in this two day program than in the previous 15 years.
Jim Conway, Conway Engineering

Front Sight is the best organization I have ever dealt with. I will recommend Front Sight to all my family and friends—especially my brother who is a Sheriff’s Deputy.
Russell Sibell, Laser Engineer

Very professional instructors. They are very approachable, incredibly knowledgeable, polite, and humorous. Without a doubt, the best instructors I have ever encountered.
Richard Kutschman, US Naval Officer

I drove 1,100 miles, one-way, to attend this course. The professionalism and knowledge of the courteous staff made this trip well worth my time.
Thomas Wilson, Statistician

This course is the finest training program I could imagine. How Dr. Piazza has assembled and trained such a well disciplined, highly qualified, professional group of instructors is a testament to his skill and leadership. Dr. Piazza is the epitome of a professional leader, business executive, and visionary. May he be most blessed in his endeavors.
Rev. Michael Mitchell, Ph.D., Minister

The instructors performed professionally and courteously. Their positive praise and constructive corrections far surpassed any of my previous firearms training. I learned many new tactical techniques that my police academy instructors should adopt and teach.
Michael Calhoun, Peace Officer

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