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When it Comes to Your Life and The Lives of Your Loved Ones, ONLY THE BEST WILL DO!

“The Front Sight Defensive Handgun course was the best training experience I have ever had … I used to take for grant-ed that I had the basic skills to defend myself … I now know so much more about the defensive use of firearms than I used to … The practical experience that I gained at Front Sight makes me much more confident.”

C. D. Michel, Attorney

“I’ve been a student of pistol and shotgun at several schools including Orange Gunsite, Grey Gunsite, and Thunder Ranch. Front Sight is, quite simply, the best in every way.”

Thomas Berger, Cardiac Surgeon

“The excellent instruction I received today exceeds all the weapons training I experienced in 24 years of active military service. I salute Dr. Piazza and the Front Sight staff.”

Lt. Colonel Charles S. McDonald, USAF

“As a police officer charged with training recruits, I recom-mend Front Sight to every police academy graduate and offi-cer I work with — if they want to be trained by the best.”

Vince Bizzini, Police Officer

“I’ve been handling guns under the supervision of my father since I was ten years old. I learned more about gun handling, safety, and how to hit a target in just four days at Front Sight than I ever did in the last 15 years.”

Karen Lowham, Information Systems Specialist

“I cannot adequately express not only my thanks for a stellar weekend with Front Sight, but the experience itself. Barbara and I cannot stop speaking about the professionalism, courtesy, patience, and education, which we received at the tutelage of your staff last weekend; you are all true masters in your fields. The management and organization of Front Sight was of a text book nature not frequently encountered in the business world. We cannot wait to return.”

Mark LoBello, Attorney

“The Defensive Handgun course exceeded my expectations. I now join three other family members who are Front Sight Alumni, and we all plan to return for more training. The individual instructor attention was a real help. All lectures, demonstrations, and drills were crisp and profes-sional. The take home materials were complete and useful. Everything that I heard and saw at Front Sight followed sound business practices. I consider myself to be a harsh critic. Front Sight is great!”

Diana Ho, President, Management Arts Consulting

“I arrived at Front Sight with over 25 years of shooting experience. On day four of the rifle class, one of the students asked me how long I had been shooting. My response was, Properly — about four days!”

Fred Darling, Rangemaster, Indoor Shooting Range

“If you want to win a gun battle, take this course.”

Terry Miles, Detective

“There are three aspects of your organization that struck me as truly outstanding. The first is your extraordinary level of customer service. The second is your dedication to ensuring that your students always receive more than their money’s worth. The third is the exceptional quality of your instruction. Your curriculum is excellent and the ped-agogical techniques are extremely effective. Front Sight is the best run organization I have seen in a long time.”

Stuart Krone, Analyst

“The course I took at Front Sight accomplished as much in four days as the police academy did in several weeks. The training is intensified and fast, but the instructors help you and nobody gets left behind.”

John F. Moran, Military Officer

“Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility. Front Sight assists you in assuming that responsibility. The instruction is professional and effective. If you want to improve your shooting ability — improve it to exceed even what you thought you could do—go to Front Sight!”

Francis P. Simeone, Catholic Priest

“Front Sight’s training has prepared me for a 1st Place finish in a gun fight.”

Matt Stone, Police Sergeant

Front Sight Logo CONSIDER THIS: For about the same price as the last gun you purchased, you can have the world's top firearms training institute teach you the secrets that will dramatically improve your safe gun handling, accuracy, speed, and defensive tactics. What should this mean to you? It means the difference between winning or losing… being the victor or the victim… living or dying. It means everything to you and your loved ones.

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