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Train with the World’s Top Instructors …

State-of-the-art Techniques Taught by Real-World Instructors — Ready, Willing and Able to Make You Better Than You Can Imagine!

Never resting on their past accomplishments and having no interest in attaching their names to any specific technique, Front Sight’s Curriculum and Instruction Committee continually monitor and upgrade Front Sight’s course content and teaching methods to find better ways to bring out the best in you.

Forged from lessons learned on the streets and in the battlefields, everything taught at Front Sight is proven, state-of-the-art technique used in the real world by those whose lives depend on their weaponcraft skills.

The specific training requirements of law enforcement officers, military personnel, and private citizens alike are each recognized and represented on Front Sight’s Curriculum and Instruction Committee. So, no matter what your reason for attending Front Sight, your individual training needs are addressed and satisfied to your fullest expectations.

No macho, boot camp mentality or Drill Sergeant attitudes. Only positive reinforcement coupled with friendly, constructive correction to quickly build your skill, knowledge, and confidence.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza with student Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.
Four Weapons Combat Master, 1993.
Chairman of Front Sight’s Curriculum and Instructional Committee and Front Sight Rangemaster.

Seen here providing personal attention to student during diagnostic trigger drill.

Brad Ackman
Front Sight Curriculum and Instructional Committee Member.
Operations Manager. Front Sight Rangemaster.
Nine year veteran instructor under Jeff Cooper.

Seen here demonstrating the Emergency Reloading technique as taught in Defensive Handgun Course.

Brad Ackman demoing reload
R. Kirby Reed with student
Seen here with student in Front Sight’s
Student Appreciation, Free Submachine
Gun Course
R. Kirby Reed
Front Sight Curriculum and Instructional Committee Member and Front Sight Rangemaster.
Active law enforcement instructor.
H & K Master submachine gun instructor, tactical pistol, and tactical shotgun instructor.
Certified NRA law enforcement instructor for pistol, shot-gun, police rifle, and precision rifle.
Certified evasive driving instructor.

R. Kirby Reed holds certification from every major firearms instructor and training institute in the country–many of which involve multiple courses in all weapons offered.

On the Most Advanced Reactive Targets …
Active target sequenceAutomated turning and moving targets that challenge your reaction time and improve your balance of speed and accuracy.
Composite shooter
Our new facility is equipped exclusively with reactive targets from US Target Technology, Inc. This leader in the field of automated reactive targets has provided over $500,000.00 of their state-of-the-art reactive targets systems for Front Sight, Nevada. Only the best will do for Front Sight students.
For the Most Realistic Training.
Live-fire shooting houses with an endless variety of reactive targets to build your tactical skills. Shooting house

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