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January 28, 1998
From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza

If you DID NOT Attend Front Sight’s
Progress Celebration and Free Submachine Gun Course throughout the month of January on Front Sight’s Las Vegas, Nevada Property, then you have four days in February as a last chance to finally see and experience what over 800 people are shouting is another Front Sight Experience-of-a-Lifetime!

Here it is! A chance for anyone (that’s right, anyone) to attend The Event that will leave you grinning from ear to ear and cause the other schools to scratch their heads and wonder aloud, “How can Front Sight do this?”

If you were not one of over 800 people in January who received a full day of submachine gun training free of charge and enjoyed Front Sight’s Progress Celebration, then you have a final chance on one of four days in February. Read what a few of the 800 people had to say about the Progress Celebration and Free Submachine Gun Course:

“Don’t miss it! I have been trying for three years to attend. Now, I am even more disappointed that I missed the original events. Anyone who attends will walk away shaking their heads, as this event provides even more than expected!”

Ed Mauss, Production Manager

“This is easily the most enjoyable experience I have had in the past three years. In an era where slogans are too often hollow, Front Sight is truly building a world class shooting resort. I have had the privilege of attending the most prestigious universities in the country and found that Front Sight instructors are on par with the best. Attend this event! You’ll love it! If you miss it, you will regret it forever.”

Angel Orrantia, Engineer

“Great staff, very professional and thorough. I didn’t expect so much range time in a free submachine gun course. I had to hurry to load up my magazines and get on the line!”

Kalani Hoo, Attorney

“Front Sight has provided an opportunity to participate in a firearms event that all shooters wish for, but few ever have the opportunity to do in their lifetimes. Don’t miss your chance!”

Keith Raker, Attorney

“After attending the August 98 Ground Breaking Celebration, I must admit I was skeptical. After attending January’s Progress Celebration and Free Submachine Gun Course, I am now quite simply, awestruck! If you don’t attend this event, it is your real loss.”

Robert Gimple, Bail Agent.

“It is a fun, learning experience that everyone in the family can enjoy. Front Sight is better and feels better than any other place I’ve trained at. I want to be a part of this type of instructor team and organization.”

Steven Beckstead, Father and Firearms Trainer

“You should attend the Progress Celebration and Free Submachine Gun Course because it is the only way to truly see all that Front Sight has to offer. You have to experience the professionalism of the staff and see the progress of the new Front Sight facility for yourself. My words alone simply cannot express to you all that Front Sight is.”

Robyn Remly, Homemaker

Look at the great time we provide — all free of charge. Even the ammunition is free!

It’s easy to attend the Progress Celebration and Free Submachine Gun Seminar. All you have to do is select the one, best day from the following dates:

Friday, February 19,or Saturday, February 20or Sunday February 21,or Monday, February 22.

Then complete the attached application and mail or fax it to reserve your place in this fabulous event. Upon receiving your application, I will send you a confirmation letter with a map and selected hotels providing special rates for you and your family. The only request I have is for you to fax or mail your application so I receive it ASAP and no later than February 17. I must order the ammunition and finalize all logistics by that date. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 1.800.987.7719.



Application for Instruction

To be considered for acceptance into Front Sight Firearms Training Institute courses, this application must be filled out completely, including the Statement of No Criminal Recordand Character Witness Statement, and sent with full payment. Front Sight reserves the right to deny training to anyone for any reason. In the event that an application is not accepted, the course fee will be promptly refunded in full


Full Legal Name:___________________________________
Date of Birth:____________________
Drivers License Number:___________
Current Address:__________________________________
City:_________________ State:____ Zip code:_______
Home Phone:______________ Work Phone:_____________

Person to contact in the event of an emergency:
Address:________________________________ Phone:_________

Name as you wish it to appear on your course certificate: ______________________ T-shirt size M L XL XXL

First name as you wished to be called on range:______ List most recent training courses, with dates of attendance _________________________________________________________


Please indicate the course you are applying for by writing the appropriate description, length, date, and cost in the section below:

 Course Name:  One-Day Submachine Gun
 Two-Day or Four-Day:  Feb 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 (circle one date)
 Cost:  Free

For administration purposes, an application must be completed for each course. For those wishing to reserve more than one course at a time, a copy of this application filled out completely with full payment attached is acceptable.


By my signature on this application, I state that I have no
criminal convictions, am not currently under indictment or
prosecution for any offense, and am not wanted for questioning or
arrest by any law enforcement or government agency. I further
state that I have no history of mental illness or substance
abuse. I understand that my training may be terminated at any
time during the course if my actions are not deemed appropriate
by Front Sight's staff.  Upon arriving at the course, I agree to
sign a document releasing Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
from any liability that may occur during the course of training
or thereafter. I understand that my tuition is non-refundable
without 90 days advance notice of cancellation.
Applicant's Signature____________________________ Date___________


The following Character Reference Statement must be completed and
signed by a respected member of the applicant's community who has
known the applicant for at least five years and is not a member
of the applicant's immediate family.
I___________________________________certify that I have
 Character Witness full, legal name
known______________________________for at least five years and can
     Applicant's full, legal name
attest to the good, moral character of the applicant. I have no
knowledge of any criminal activity, mental illness, or substance
abuse by the applicant. I recommend applicant for training in the
use of deadly weapons without hesitation or reservation.

Character Witness Signature______________________________________
Date of Birth ____/____/____
Current Address__________________________________________________
City___________________________State______Zip Code_______________
Occupation_____________________Home Phone________________________
Work Phone ____________________


Mail or fax completed statements to administrative offices:

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