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From the Lectures, to the Shooting Drills, to the Live-Fire Tactical Training Simulators: Front Sight Has The Best Firearms Courses You'll Find Anywhere in the World!

Every Front Sight course is structured to give you MORE than your money's worth of training. We maintain a minimum of one instructor for every four-to-five students on the firing line, and one-on-one training in the live-fire tactical simulators — often two instructors for every student!

There's no down-time in our courses. You are either in the classroom for stimulating and thought provoking lectures, on the range for skill enhancing shooting drills, moving through live-fire tactical training simulators to learn street proven tactics, or taking a quick break to replenish magazines. Essentially, you receive more in Front Sight’s two-day, weekend courses than others attempt to provide in three days of training. Our four-day courses (Friday-Monday) surpass the curriculum found in other schools offering five-day and six-day courses.

Certificates are provided upon graduation from every course. Simply stated: Front Sight gives you the best training and the best value for your training dollar.

Two Day Defensive Handgun
Four Day Defensive Handgun

Two Day Handgun Skill Builder
Advanced Tactical Handgun

Handgun Combat Master Prep course

Two Day Tactical Shotgun
Four Day Tactical Shotgun

Two Day Practical Rifle
Four Day Practical Rifle

Four Weapons Combat Master course

Free Submachine Gun Seminar
Location and Facilities
Course Dates for 1999 - 2000

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