Follow-up to Interview With a Gunfighter

Students often remark that our lectures alone are worth the price of the course because we tell it like it really is and do not sugar coat the subject.

Those who have attended Front Sight’s courses and received our very thought-provoking lecture entitled, Problems 2 and 3: the Criminal and Civil Liability Following a Shooting will undoubtedly agree that the mainstream news story covering the self defense shooting of two home invaders reads like a script right out of our lectures.

If you missed the last Gun Training Report, Interview with a Gunfighter, click here to watch it first.

Then watch the mainstream news story below that covers the shooting in the most politically correct manner possible … just as we tell you they will when you face Problems 2 and 3. Note how the news media portrays the home invaders as "Two Louisville teens are dead … one had dreams of NBA stardom … working on getting his GED while also preparing to be a first-time father …" Of course, this is politically correct talk for a high school drop out who impregnated another teen out of wedlock and then forcefully invaded a home, assaulting the occupants with threat of serious bodily injury and death!

Understand that if you are ever in a shooting you can expect such bias in the media, but it is always better to survive Problem 1 (a lethal encounter) to face Problems 2 and 3 than to let two teenage thugs kill you for your wallet.

See the news media’s spin of a justifiable self defense shooting here:


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

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