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  1. Report #1 Comfort of Skill at Arms
  2. Report #2 little-known and Rarely Talked About Secret
  3. Report #3 Biggest Secret in the Firearms Training Industry
  4. Report #4 Interview with a Gun Fighter
  5. Report #5 Five Levels of Tactical Competence
  6. Report #6 Can’t get to Vegas? Get Front Sight Trained At Home!
  7. Report #7 Seven Misconceptions That Can Get You Killed
  8. Report #8 Color Code of Mental Awareness (Condition White and Yellow)
  9. Report #9 Color Code Continued (Condition Orange, Red, and Black)
  10. Report #10 The Combat Mindset
  11. Bonus Report #11 Quotes, Catchy Phrases and Sage Thoughts
  12. Bonus Report #12 Front Sight Patriot Group
  13. Bonus Report #13 Moral and Ethical Use of Deadly Force
  14. Bonus Report #14 Fastest and Safest Draw
  15. Bonus Report #15 Get Front Sight Trained At Home!

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