95-pound Front Sight Teen Assaulted by 6-foot Vagrant

September 21, 2006

It was one of those quiet summer mornings and Sam (we will call him that to protect his innocence) was happy to be outside even if it meant cleaning the parking area of the apartment complex his father manages. Recent illness that left Sam weighing 95 pounds soaking wet, required him to work slowly but diligently as he picked up stray pieces of paper and swept leaves. Still, the sun felt good on his face as did the fresh air in his lungs. He wondered what his dad had in mind for him to do after lunch.

Leaving his gloves and broom in the parking lot, Sam gathered up the leaves and debris he had place in his trash bag and headed for the dumpster around the back of the apartment building next to the alley. As he steadied himself to lift the bag up and over the dumpster, Sam felt a sudden and violent impact from behind that knocked him to the ground and squeezed his chest and head as he was pulled back into the alley.

Dazed from the initial impact, Sam quickly realized he was in the clutch of a large man wrestling him to the ground behind the dumpster …

It was almost lunchtime. Sam’s dad thought he would surprise his son and take Sam out to lunch. Approaching the parking area, Sam’s gloves and broom were visible in the middle of the blacktop. Repeated calls for Sam went unanswered. My son must be around the back of the building empting the trash bag thought Sam’s father. A look behind the apartment building and the dumpster area brought the sickening stab of demise into the gut of Sam’s father. One of Sam’s shoes and the torn trash bag he was using scattered amongst the garbage in the alley. Sam’s father turned and ran for the manager’s office to call the police …

Bursting through the open doorway of the apartment manager’s office, Sam’s father was both horrified and relieved to see his son, bruised and shaken, yet alive and safe! After calling the police Sam explained what happened …

The six foot vagrant’s attempt to assault Sam was met with Sam’s screams, bites, kicks, elbows, and even a head butt. Sam attempted to control the vagrant’s hands as he unleashed his own counter attack with everything he had to free himself from the weight and strength of the vagrant’s body. After less than 20 seconds of Sam’s counter attack, Sam broke free of the vagrant’s grasp and ran to the manager’s office. Later in the Emergency Room as Sam was getting treated for scrapes and bruises, Sam’s father asked his son, Did you use any of that stuff you learned at Front Sight’s Youth Safety Course? Sam’s response, I used all of it Dad! And I didn’t have to think about it. I just did it.

This true story has a happy ending. Most like it do not. The difference?

Sam’s father was smart enough to bring Sam with him to Front Sight. While Sam’s father was attending a firearms course, Sam attended the Two Day Youth Safety Course. Not just once, but twice and it literally saved his life …

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