More Students on Front Sight Firearms Training

Video Transcription:

Jacinto Rivera

I’m a police officer and one of the very important things to me are officer safety and obviously that includes firearms. So I am always constantly looking to improve my abilities to use my weapon.

Next man:

The ability to protect your family. I just didn’t want to become a victim.

Next man:

Words don’t describe how lucky I am, how much time they’ve invested, how much they love me. Training means that I could save the lives of my loved ones or myself if necessary. I have that confidence.

Duane Classen

This made me a better citizen, to be really honest about it.

Next man:

I’m lucky enough to have parents who found out about Front Sight and have made sacrifices so that we can come here and train and hopefully prevent some ugly situation from occurring.

Next woman:

I wanted to have the skills to take care of myself should anything happen. I came out of an abusive first marriage and it made life very difficult and of course when my current husband gained my trust, which took a little while, then this helped a lot. And I’ve also been involved in the martial arts program. That helps too. People leave you alone, they don’t bother you when you have a little bit of confidence. We’d like to get the kids involved as soon as they’re old enough. Right now they are a little small but they have a Family Safety Forever Program where they start the children quite young and teach them how to handle themselves in some kind of situation where they might not normally get that kind of training.

Rebekah Fish — daughter

I took a kids’ safety class that taught you about safety, when to cross the road. Like, if you’re in a situation, what to do, a bad situation, like if someone is trying to take you, you know what to do.

Anastasia Fish — daughter

I like it because there is lots of fun stuff and I like the instructors.

Next woman:

You live and have kids and your husband travels, whatever it might be. You might be in the parking lot of the grocery store. I think it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and learn how to look for things, to avoid trouble. And then if you do get into trouble, to know what to do to get out of it and that’s what I think Front Sight can teach you in every course that you are taking here. They build that confidence into you. The instructors are professional. They help build that up and build you up as a person. So all around it is just a very good experience and women today need that, they need to know how to take care of themselves, whether or not there is a man around.

Steve Fredreich:

It’s an overall change. It gave me a total spectrum of the kind of degree of responsibility you have when you own a gun. You see the moves and things like that but as far as really what it comes down to, you learn that you really don’t want to shoot that gun unless you absolutely have to. And it gave me a total knowledge of that, a real reality check.

Next man:

I don’t want to have that one thing happen that unfortunately might, and look back and say I wish I’d done the things to protect my family.

Next woman:

When I’m afraid of things. Fear, actually, is false evidence appearing real. And if you learn more about it, it becomes less fearful, you are a little bit more confident, you carry yourself differently and there is less chance of someone taking advantage of you.

Next man:

I believe strongly in the Second Amendment, but I also believe that anyone who is going to have a weapon, own a weapon, that they must be responsible with it and know how to use it.

Next woman:

I’m no longer afraid to handle a handgun. I’m not afraid to tell someone to get back. I’m not afraid to go off a repel tower. Those are all things I learned here.