Students Travel Across Country for Front Sight Firearms Training

Video Transcription

Dr. Stephen Clayson

I became a member of Front Sight because I obtained a concealed weapons permit and thought I’d better have some training. I went to several other schools and then came to Front Sight and realized they had a superior training program and something that would last for a long time in my life.

Chip Fetrow

I’m from Virginia and I have a gun business there. I come to Front Sight for a number of reasons. First and foremost, is the training itself. It’s topnotch. I’ve been to five famous shooting schools now and it’s by far the best. The others are good but Front Sight is much better.

Dr. John Zumrick

I’m a physician from Florida. I can train virtually any place in the country that I want to but after investigating everything I find that Front Sight is the best place I can come to.

Valerie and Jim Shaeffer

Jim: The reason why I come to Front Sight all the way from Michigan is because it is truly the Disneyland for gun owners.

Valerie: Together we come out here and train and now I feel I can defend myself, my family and my loved ones

Alistair Duguid

I come from Connecticut and there are a lot of places closer than Las Vegas that I could train but I come to Front Sight because I think it is the highest quality and best value training I can get. And I’ll make the trip every time, it’s almost like a pilgrimage to come here. I’ve been here four times so far over the course of a year and I may not be able to keep up that rate but I’ll certainly be here for many years to come.