Jacqueline Holland on Front Sight Firearms Training


Jacqueline Holland

I cannot believe that I have wasted so many years by that little thing that pulls inside of us, that fear of a weapon, the fear of a gun, of a knife, whatever. From the second you get here you are greeted by a gentleman in a uniform, which is always nice (just kidding), with a gun and they take you right in and within minutes you are part of the Resort. You are taken seriously and respected, no matter what you look like. We’re here for business and kid glove safety. They just take you by the hand, step by step, fully knowledgeable, the best of the best.

Don’t mess around with two star training. This is five star training. By the time I got done with my experience here, that Uzi, that 9 mm sub machine gun, it was like a glove, it was made for me. Any any woman, no matter how small, timid, lack of experience, mother, housewife, whatever. There is just no fear in handling these weapons. You are taught exactly how to use them so you are totally secure. It feels good. You are going to be so surprised. You are going to be supercharged and feel so safe and so proud of yourself. And so take that step.