Law Enforcement on Front Sight Firearms Training

Video Transcription:

John Koenig
New York Police Officer
First Family Member

I’m a police officer in New York, Long Island, and I’ve been a cop for twenty-six years. Although I’ve had training through my police departments and other private schools, I’ve been coming to Front Sight, Nevada, for the last four years because after my first trip the level of training, the facilities, and particularly the quality of instruction just blows me away. It has been training above and beyond what I’ve had anywhere else. I’ve talked to other police officers, I’ve talked to military people and those who have been out here and have been to other schools, have all said the same thing. If you want the best training this is the place to come.

Scott Hoerner

I’ve spent twenty years in the Marine Corps and I was a primary marksmanship instructor and I was a small arms weapons instructor. The training is that amazing especially when it relates to the handgun. They never taught us to present from the holster in the Marine Corps. Not only, after four days, was I able to present from the holster quickly and efficiently, I was able to get my shots on the target where I wanted them to go. The instructors are patient, the blocks of instruction are easy to assimilate. You’ll be performing all the techniques correctly and efficiently at the end of two to four days. The training is that good.

Lt. Bob Redmond

I’m a lieutenant with the County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve been a S.W.A.T. Commander for six years. Also, I was a sniper in the Marine Corps. The training I’ve seen at Front Sight far exceeds anything I saw in the military or law enforcement. That’s the reason that I make sure that all of my S.W.A.T. members train here at Front Sight.

Robert W. LaHuillier

When I came to Front Sight I was amazed and frankly, a little humbled, to find average citizens receiving training that exceeded even the levels that I had obtained as a law enforcement professional.

Ed Breiner

I’ve taken over twenty-five courses here at Front Sight in the last two years. I keep coming back because Front Sight has got the best training that I can get anywhere.