An Unlikely Hero

Every now and then I see something that I want to share with you immediately because it is just too good to let sit for a week.

This video demonstrates that anyone can be accosted by a gun wielding thug, at any time of the day, in any place.

This video also clearly demonstrates some universal rules of combat from a most unlikely hero …

Watch some school yard justice, Skater Boy style and then see my comments below it. (Warning: There is some foul language)

I don’t know what caused the conflict to start and I do not know how the authorities sorted it out, but here is what I will tell you:

  1. If this does not prove to you that YOU can be accosted at any time of the day, in any place, doing just about anything, then nothing will.
  2. Don’t ever hold a gun up next to your face like the thug did, because if you fired it from there, the muzzle blast and unspent gun powder could blind you. (Plus you will likely not hit your target shooting from an un-sighted, un-indexed position like that.)
  3. If you are ever accosted by someone holding a gun like that, smile, because you are dealing with an amateur.
  4. If your assailant hasn’t shot you yet, smile, because you have the advantage, he just doesn’t know it.
  5. As I have said a dozen times, ACTION ALWAYS BEATS REACTION.
  6. This skater boy handled himself perfectly by appearing to comply and trying to defuse the situation, but waiting for his opportunity to strike.
  7. Notice how Skater Boy allows the thug to get close enough so he can connect with a solid punch to the thug’s face and then grabs the gun to take it away.
  8. Skater Boy’s technique is not pretty, or sophisticated, but what he lacked in professional training he made up for in his willingness to act with speed, determination, and aggression. The kid has the Combat Mindset!
  9. Punching repeatedly to the head is not the best choice because the skull is hard and it is difficult to incapacitate a man by striking him in the skull with your bare hands. Look to land strong blows to the throat, jaw and neck or grab the head and gouge your thumbs into the eye sockets.
  10. Although it did not reach such a point before Skater Boy was pulled off the thug, once your opponent no longer has the ability to fight, you must stop your attack, but do not let your guard down.
  11. Notice the second fight occurring in the background as another skateboarder takes down the thug’s accomplice. Those Skater Boys are tough dudes!
  12. Looks like our Marine recruiters should start hanging out at the skate board parks to find a few good men!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

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