Look Around and Be Prepared to Defend Yourself!

No matter how young, fit, or armed you may be, you can still get taken by surprise and overwhelmed with force if you are not aware of your immediate surroundings. This includes being aware of what is going on behind you!

I cover this topic in detail in my gun training reports: The Color Code of Mental Awareness and The Combat Mindset.

We hammer away at this topic throughout our courses because you can be the fastest, most accurate shooter in the world, but if you are not aware of your surroundings, a common street punk can get the jump on you and take your wallet or your life before you can react.

Here is a real surveillance video of exactly that situation.

Watch how criminals attack and learn from the mistakes of these poor folks, who did not see it coming …

Notice how these criminals attacked quickly from the rear and overwhelmed their victims with violence.

Even if this couple had concealed weapons or self defense training, the fact that they were taken by surprise would have made it very difficult for them to present a gun or mount any type of counter-attack.

However, had either of the victims simply adopted our awareness techniques as their own, they would have surveyed their surroundings and would have seen the criminals well before their assailants had an opportunity to attack them.

The fact that criminals see that you are aware of your environment, makes you so much less likely to be attacked, because criminals are looking for easy victims they can take by surprise. Criminals will let the aware walk on by unmolested, and wait to attack someone else who is less aware.

If you have a concealed weapon, and are aware of what is going on around you, you WILL see the attack coming. You then have the opportunity to create distance, find cover, and if needed, use the techniques we teach in our courses to legally and effectively defend yourself.

Use this lesson to make sure you and your family remain mentally aware of your immediate surroundings at all times, especially when away from home on vacation or business trips.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

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