Try Disputing THIS, Sarah Brady

Nothing frosts me more than the whine of gun grabbers after a high profile shooting.

Whether it is a psych-drug failure killing his family or a hardened criminal taking out overly complacent or poorly trained police officers, there is always a politician or pundit more than willing to trample our constitutional rights with their pathetic pleas for MORE GUN CONTROL!

Well what are they going to say about this?

College Student Grabs Gun From His Backpack to Kill Home Invaders and Save 10 Lives!

That’s right. This news report has all the elements that make a gun grabber puke!

A lone, heroic college student grabs a gun out of his backpack to repel and kill home invaders, saving his friends from rape and murder!

Now just think how ALL of the previous high profile mass shootings would have turned out differently IF there was an armed citizen within conversational distances of the deranged gunman … Well, as our college student bravely demonstrated, when a citizen turns the tables on a violent criminal, GUNS SAVE LIVES!

Tell me who this kid is so I can give him a Front Sight Legacy Lifetime Membership. He deserves our admiration and respect.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

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