Your Guns Should Be In One Of Two Places

Where is your handgun right now?

The correct answer is it should be in a holster inside your waistband.

On the rare occasion when you are not wearing your handgun, where should it be?

See this news video to find out what happens when guns are left lying around …

The safest handgun is the loaded handgun safely holstered on your waist belt. When you are not carrying your handgun on your person (when you sleep or shower) it needs to be secured in a push-button lockbox within arms reach that you can immediately access. Anything less is simply irresponsible.

V-Line makes a great lock box product that I recommend. See their inventory here.

Plus, you need to teach your children NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Rules:

If you see a gun:

  1. STOP (to take notice, to think, to pause and …)
  2. Don’t Touch It.
  3. Leave the Area.
  4. Tell an Adult.

Or better yet, bring your kids to Front Sight with you for our Two Day Children and Youth Safety Course or our Four Day Challenge and Achievement Camp.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

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