Concealed Weapons Permit Holder Stops Bank Robbery

What would you do if you were standing in line at the bank and a man slipped the teller a note to rob the bank?

What would you do if he told you and the teller he had a bomb?

Well here is the video news story of a man who was faced with exactly that situation.

Watch this video news story and then we will discuss what was right and wrong about his actions …

So let me give you my immediate gut thoughts after watching this video news story.

My gut thoughts were, in order that I thought them:

  1. Attaboy! A CCW Holder in the right place at the right time!
  2. Good for you man! Turn the tables on that pathetic, pasty-skinned sex offender / bank robber!
  3. Give that law-abiding businessman and father of three a medal and tell him a free Front Sight Course is waiting for him and his three boys!
  4. No surprise it took someone from the Lebanese Army to call a bank robbing bomber’s bluff!
  5. Hooray for CCW Holders everywhere!
  6. It’s great to be a gun owner!

Those were my gut reactions. Now let me share with you the realities of the situation:

The money at the bank is insured.
It’s not your money.
It’s not the teller’s money.
It’s not really even the bank’s money!

If the bank wanted to protect the money, they would have armed security guards, armed tellers and armed managers.

Banks in general have policies that do not allow their tellers or managers to be armed and do not post security guards because the liability of shots fired in a bank robbery are much greater than the loss of a few thousand dollars in a robbery.

To prevent the possibility of any danger to patrons and bank personnel, even a plainclothes law enforcement officer standing in line at the bank will normally not step up to stop a robbery at the teller window. Instead, he will allow the bank robber to leave the bank with the money and tail the robber while calling in his description and waiting for back-up to arrive.

Understand that if you fire a shot, you run the risk of criminal liability should you injure an innocent person or be found to have made an error in judgment. You will also most certainly face civil liability from the person you shot, his family and anyone else in the building who feels physically or emotionally damaged by your actions- this even includes the bank as an entity, bank tellers, customers and their families.

Is this right? Hell no, but it is the reality of the situation in America today.

So if you carry a concealed weapon, you really need to make decisions IN ADVANCE as to when you would present your weapon and when you would not because when it happens for real, you won’t have the time to debate the situation in your mind. You will only have the time to act or react based on the decisions you have already made and the training you have received.

What is worth killing or dying for? THAT is the question you must answer for yourself. For me, bank-insured money is not enough to kill or die for.

Still, I love the CCW Holder for what he did and I would not say he made a bad decision because it was HIS DECISION. He was there, he read the bomber correctly as bluffing, and everything worked out great.

Just understand that if the bank robber really did have a bomb, and detonated it, I would not have had to bring this story to your attention. It would still be playing on every news agency in the country and anti-gun politicians would be introducing legislation to revoke Concealed Carry Permits everywhere.

As gun owners, even more so as concealed carry permit holders, you have great power in your hands. And as your kids all know from watching the movie Spiderman, With great power, comes great responsibility. Use your power wisely.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

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