Proper Trigger Control

One of the Three Secrets of great marksmanship is Proper Trigger Control.

You have all heard instructors tell you to Prressss the trigger or squeeeze the trigger to get a clean, surprise trigger break. This is true, but what do you do after that first shot?

The following — little-known and rarely taught — trigger control technique separates the truly proficient shooter from the average gun owner …

I am talking about "trigger reset" in semi-automatic weapons.

Trigger Reset is simply what occurs AFTER you have taken all the slack out of the trigger and preessssed the trigger until the gun fires. As the gun fires, you trap the trigger on a semi-auto weapon to the rear and then only allow it to return until you feel the "click" of the trigger resetting in the action of the weapon. The gun is now ready to fire again with minimal movement of the trigger. What does this do for your second and subsequent shots? With practice, it greatly reduces the travel of the trigger which improves your marksmanship and speed because there is less movement of the trigger.

In contrast, watch people with no knowledge of this technique shooting a semi-automatic weapon (revolvers too) and you will see their trigger finger coming entirely off the trigger during rapid fire shots — or worse, slapping the trigger. This lack of trigger reset causes significant movement of the gun, adversely affecting their marksmanship and wasting precious time between shots.

With practice, proper trigger reset in the semi-auto weapon allows you to place repeated, quick and accurate shots on target.

Watch these short commercials for my 15 Gun Training Reports and Dry Practice Manuals to see proper trigger reset. Note how my trigger finger does not leave the trigger between shots and the trigger moves so slightly until trigger reset is accomplished.

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
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P.P.S. Remember, I’m in the process of writing another 15 Gun Training Reports for a total of 45 Gun Training Reports so e-mail me to let me know what you would like me to cover in reports 31-45. E-mail me at.