Be a Shooting Platform

In my previous Gun Training Report, I shared with you how shooting extremely fast and extremely accurate starts with the proper shooting stance.

In this report I will explain some of the additional tactical benefits of the shooting stance we teach at Front Sight.

This is really quite simple and very effective…

The Modified Weaver Handgun Stance transitions very well to long guns. The support side elbow being bent in exactly in the same position as you would find it shooting a shotgun, submachine gun, or rifle in all of the improvised field positions. Thus learning one firing stance transitions well to all weapon systems.

When shooting in a kneeling position with the handgun, the bent support side elbow of the Modified Weaver Stance naturally rests on the knee for rock solid support.

When moving in a tactical manner the natural "bladed" Modified Weaver Stance allows you to maintain your proper firing platform around firing-side corners, thus exposing less of your body as your "slice the pie" to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent. On support-side corners, you can transition the weapon to your support hand to maintain a bladed stance.

The same holds true when shooting behind cover as the bladed stance exposes less of your vital body area.

Always remember, our motto "Any Gun Will Do—If You Will Do!" means we don’t care what type of gun you bring to Front Sight because we will train you to be great with what you have. We also feel the same way about your shooting stance. We recommend the Modified Weaver for the reasons I have share with you in Gun Training Reports 28 and 29, and we hope you will be open to experiencing the benefits for yourself through our entire course curriculum. However, if you like using a different shooting stance, we will be happy to train you to your highest ability possible. We don’t just want to make you good… we want to make you great!

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In my next report I will discuss proper trigger reset in semi-automatic weapons.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director
Four-Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

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