Let There Be Light!

The White Light Followed By The Big Bang!

In my last report we discussed the fact that night sights by themselves are only useful for about 20 minutes during a normal 24 hour period.

If it is too dark to see what is in your opponent’s hands, then you really can’t identify a threat and you should not shoot, even if you can see your night sights.

If it is light enough to identify your opponent as a threat then is it light enough to see your sights so you don’t really need night sights.

Well what do you do when it is too dark to identify your opponent as a threat or not?

You use a flashlight to light them up!

Sounds easy, but using a flashlight in the wrong manner can get you killed because as soon as you turn on that light, you are a beacon for incoming rounds.

The correct tactical use of a flashlight can provide you with a distinct and overwhelming tactical advantage against your opponent. However,the incorrect use of a flashlight will make you an easy target, bullet sponge.

There is no way I can teach you in a report like this how to properly present your flashlight, move with it, search with it, when to turn it on, how long to keep it on, when to turn it off, and how to repeatedly deliver fight stopping hits using it in conjunction with your weapon.

We spend hours of hands-on instruction with you during our Advanced Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Courses teaching you the proper tactical flashlight techniques. Plus we teach you how to properly move around corners, through doorways, and T-intersections, so you gain the tactical advantage over your opponent.

What I can share with you in a report like this are the two methods of using a flashlight with your weapon.

The first and easiest method is to attach the flashlight to your weapon. There are a number of companies that offer lights that mount to the forend of your shotgun or rifle and are operated with a pressure pad. When you place pressure on the pad, the light turns on, and as soon as you release the pressure pad, the light turns off. You can also get specialized lights for handguns that mount on the lower frame of the weapon and have a toggle-like switch for immediate on/off control.

The second and more difficult method is to keep your flashlight in your support hand while maintaining the proper stance and grip with your firearm so as you move, your eyes, weapon and light move as one — ready to deliver an immediate, fight stopping shot when you quickly light up an area and identify a threat — then turn the light off to move to the next area and out of the way of any incoming return fire from other threats that may have seen the light.

Should you ever need to use your weapon to defend yourself or your loved ones against a violent opponent in a lethal encounter at night, you want your adversary’s last visual image to be the white light—immediately followed by the big bang!

In my next few reports I will discuss the proper tactical movements to give you some preparation for those instructional blocks of our Four Day Courses.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director
Four-Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

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