The Right Gun and Ammunition for You

Any Gun Will Do — If YOU Will Do!

Front Sight’s Motto is Any Gun Will Do — If YOU Will Do!

I came up with that motto for Front Sight after my experience as a student in the years before opening Front Sight and then subsequently dominating the firearms training industry.

You see, it seemed that almost every school I attended had very strong opinions on what a serious student should carry. They went to great lengths to promote a particular gun and ammo package — and of course sold them in their armory. Some schools pushed their gun and ammunition preference to the point that if you weren’t carrying or using what they considered was the best (what they promoted) you were chastised and belittled.

The reason we say, "Any Gun Will Do — If YOU Will Do" is because we really don’t care what gun you choose to carry. We are training YOU as the weapon. Your firearm is just a tool. When you complete a course with us, you can pick up ANY gun and shoot it well beyond the skill level of 99% of the gun-owning population.

Please understand that you can bring what you have and we will train you to use it well. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO OUT AND BUY A NEW GUN TO TAKE OUR COURSES. In fact, you are better off using your money for a training course or lifetime membership because TRAINING ALWAYS TRUMPS EQUIPMENT.

However, some choices are better than others so let me share with you what to look for in a defensive handgun and ammunition…

In a gunfight, you are only going to be half as good and half as smart as you are on your best day on the training range simply from the stress of a lethal encounter.

For this reason alone you want the simplest, easiest gun to shoot well.

The more levers, buttons, options, and gadgets on your handgun the more likely you will fumble, forget, and get fouled up. Sound crazy? It happens all the time during the live-fire shooting house and home invasion simulators we put students through so they can find out how they operate under the stress of a simulated gun fight.

In a gun fight, you will never wish you had a smaller, more complicated gun or less ammunition. You will want as big and simple a gun as possible with as a much ammunition as possible to offset the effects of stress in a lethal encounter.

So what is the biggest, simplest gun that carries the most ammunition?

I will tell it to you straight because Front Sight does not sell guns in our pro shop. We have no beneficial interest in any gun manufacturer and there is no Front Sight Service Pistol being promoted to anyone. We are as pure as the driven snow as far as our interest in directing you to what is the best choice for a simple, reliable, and easy to use handgun that carries lots of fight-stopping cartridges.

Here it is:

Reliability: Most of the modern, major manufacture handguns are reliable so pick any of them and reliability (the gun goes bang EVERY time) will not be not an issue.

Simplicity: The Glock is by far the simplest. Trigger, magazine release, and slide release. That’s it. The Glock is as simple as it gets. What about the Safety? Glocks have a safety on the trigger. Safety is between your ears, so keep your finger out of the trigger guard until your sights are on the target. We train YOU to be safe with ANY gun. We routinely place Glocks in the hands of students taking our courses who have never shot a gun before and they do extremely well with them and are extremely safe with them.

Ease of use: The Glock wins again with a trigger press that is essentially the same with each shot and has no safety lever to engage.

Accuracy: Accuracy is really about YOU and not the gun. Consistency is a better term to describe the gun. Put the gun in a vice. How consistent is it in shooting a tight group? You cannot hold the gun as steady as a vice, so all modern handguns are more consistent than you can accurately hold them. If you can’t shoot a tight group it is not the handgun. The good news is we can train you to shoot accurately up to the consistency of your gun.

Speed: Glock wins again. The less you have to do to shoot the gun, the smoother and faster it is to deliver a fight-stopping hit. When we teach you how to properly re-rest the trigger for your second and subsequent shots, you will be amazed at how fast you can shoot an auto-loading pistol ACCURATELY.

So what do I carry? I can carry and shoot any gun extremely well. I choose to carry … a Glock. Why? Because in a gun fight, I too will only be half as good and half as smart as I am on my best day on the training range due to the stress of a lethal encounter. Fortunately, a half as good Four Weapons Combat Master is still miles above the average dirtbag predator on his best day.

Rest assured that after YOU attend a course at Front Sight, your half as good during a gun fight will be about ten times better than your current stress-free skills are now — I guarantee it.

What is my backup gun? A 1911, which is the next best choice in terms of simplicity and ease of use. The 1911 has a thumb safety and grip safety which makes it a bit more complicated to use.

What about other guns? I never met a gun I didn’t like… Some I just like more than others. The Springfield XD is a good choice too, as it is much like a Glock but with a grip safety.

What about all the others? Well now that you know what to look for, you have the expertise and ability to decide where all the other handguns rank in terms of simplicity, ease of use, consistency and speed.

Again, there is no need to buy another gun to come to Front Sight unless you really want a new gun. We will gladly train you with what you own. Spend your money on training or a lifetime membership because once we train you, you can pick up any gun and shoot it well.

You are probably now wondering about what caliber and type of ammunition you should have.

Here is the short answer: The largest caliber, heaviest bullet, loaded as hot as you can handle to still deliver two quick shots to the thoracic cavity of your opponent.

I will give you a longer, more detailed answer in my next report which you should receive in a few days.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director
Four-Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

P.S. The foreclosed memberships I mentioned in my last report were taken quickly. If you missed your chance, call my executive assistant Jon and place your name on a waiting list. If another foreclosed membership becomes available, Jon will call the person with the highest offer on the list that matches the balance owing on the foreclosure. Call Jon today.