An exchange of correspondence (February 28, 2022)

Good Afternoon Gang.

This last Friday evening I sent the following post to both [email protected] and [email protected]:

Dr. Piazza,

I have been a Front Sight member since 2013. Over the years I have upgraded my membership numerous times. I have even given Front Sight financial assistance, to fight the so-called lying con man, when I could. I have taken a multitude of courses at Front Sight and enjoyed each and every one of them. I have learned an extraordinary amount from the staff at Front Sight. Front Sight is an extraordinary institution and an invaluable asset to the firearms community.

For the last several years, you have been stating your intent to turn over the ownership of Front Sight to the organization’s membership. Indeed the headline of your latest e-mail campaign implies this may occur sooner than later. Good for all members, better for those that are Gold Status.

So, why not skip to the chase?!? Turn Front Sight over to its membership now and be done with it. No more lawsuits. No more lying con men. No more foreclosure proceedings. No more restructuring. No bankruptcies. No more attorneys or their fees. No more construction hassles. No more headaches. Allow the membership the opportunity to guide Front Sight.

Front Sight e-mails have repeatedly asserted that the so called lying con man has lied to you, your legal team, and even the courts numerous times. Yet the court has ruled in favor of the so-called lying con man. Either the judge presiding over your case is flaunting the law or the lying con isn’t lying after all. Perhaps the real lying con man is the one being foreclosed upon.

I can’t help but wonder if you had been upfront and honest with the membership of Front Sight from the beginning that the response to requests for aid might have been greater. There is nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake. There is nothing wrong with being completely honest with the membership. There is everything wrong however, with unilaterally breaching thousands of contracts. There is everything wrong with bullying the membership into paying for the mistakes that you and you alone made. There is everything wrong with demanding the membership dig you out of a hole you alone created. There is everything wrong with the passive-aggressive attempts to cajole more money out of Front Sight members.

Dr. Piazza, if you truly love Front Sight as much as you claim, do the membership a favor — call it your greatest ever exchange in abundance — and turn the leadership of Front Sight over to its members. The only way Front Sight will survive, and continue training gun owners into the future, is if you walk away from its leadership and allow the members to guide the organization.


Mark L Patterson

This morning I received the following e-mail:

Thanks Mark — There has been no bullying, there has been no breaching of contracts. Your membership is unchanged. I am not demanding members dig me out. I was curious where were the loyal membership list? I am looking to find those who want to support Front Sight. There are so many members who have taken many courses but have not paid Front Sight for anything. I will not turn over ownership to people who take all the free gifts but pay nothing to make Front Sight run. For example how much did you pay Front Sight for your membership? Was it not transferred to you? Front Sight will only survive by those who financially support Front Sight. Many have said we will quit Front Sight and train somewhere else only to find that those training companies want cash up front for training and their prices far exceed anything I have proposed. I know it seems like a lot to take in. The main thing is we found over 100,000 members who frequently travel to Front Sight and pay all of the hotels, restaurants, and travel costs; have taken multiple courses but never paid anything to Front Sight to keep it going. That is a lot of dead weight for supportive members to carry. If you have been contributing financially then you know this is not intended toward you. I do appreciate your support. Instead of imposing fees on everyone I made two paths. If you are a member and do nothing — there is no change to your membership. It works just as it did before. For those who really appreciate and want to support Front Sight we have a voluntary path to pay some fees (do you really think $150 is too much for our two-day course?). I’m trying to find ways to make it worth your while, like being able to use your FS Bucks to pay for ammunition. That right there gives you most of your money back for years. So what now is your real cost? That’s it — two paths, both voluntary. All of the systems are chugging along and any changes will soon be reflected in your account. I appreciate your support.


Amazing … Simply amazing!!! I am simply beside myself …

Edit to add: It occurred to me to publicly rebut IP’s (if that’s who really authored the e-mail) message with facts, but will (for now) refrain as I don’t really care to open myself to possible civil liability. Any rebuttal — public or otherwise — would likely just go in one ear and out the other. So much for IP’s credibility.