Exchange In Abundance


[…] What is exchange in abundance? I am glad you asked.

While he has been criticized mightily for some of his extreme concepts regarding people in general, we subscribe to the management philosophies of L. Ron Hubbard, who was a genius as far as his management technologies go. One of his essays which, by the way, number well over a hundred thousand, addresses the idea of exchange and what people expect in return for what they give. Webster defines exchange as follows: (1) to give or receive (something) for another thing; barter; trade (2) to interchange (similar things). Mr. Hubbard says that exchange is not so cut-and-dried. According to him, there are four distinct types of exchange. There is criminal exchange, partial exchange, fair exchange, and exchange in abundance.

Type 1 exchange, or criminal exchange, is the type of exchange where one puts forth effort, work, energy, money, or even love without receiving anything in return. This can also apply when people steal things from others. They get something for nothing, or so it seems. Of course there is no such thing as getting something for nothing. The one on the receiving end of criminal exchange certainly will get what is coming to him or her in due time. There is no good side to criminal exchange. That is why it is so named.

Type 2 exchange is called partial exchange. People put forth a little effort and expect full payment or tend to be incredulous when someone suggests that they should do more in order to receive what they expect. An example of partial exchange is when a person goes to college, gets a degree and expects then to be paid more simply because he or she went to college. A person who should really be paid more is one who has paid his or her dues and has proven that he or she is willing to earn what comes. Partial exchange is also displayed when someone you contract with to provide services such as lawn care or cleaning does great work in the beginning to secure your trust and money then follows up with shoddy work.

Type 3 exchange is what we all know as fair exchange. Fair exchange is simply that — fair. You get what you pay for — nothing more and nothing less. Fair exchange might be what you get when you purchase something from a retail outlet. The price is ten dollars, you think it is worth ten dollars, and you pay ten dollars for it. If your job is to go to work and make quota you go to work and make quota. You do nothing more than what is expected of you and you accept whatever your employer is willing to pay for just that. You watch the clock and run out at the moment you are allowed to. Nothing extra is ever offered.

Type 4 exchange is known as exchange in abundance. It is what I personally strive for in every area of my life. If I am eating in a restaurant and the acceptable tip for acceptable service is 15% or 18% and I receive outstanding service, I tip 20% or 25%. Insurance companies who are accustomed to mediocre documentation by doctors are pleasantly surprised to find that our notes are well over the minimum standard of care in our field. When my bills are due to be paid, I strive to get them there before their due dates. If members of our staff go out of town for business with us and we know that a clean bed and full tummy would suffice we could book them at Motel 6 and buy fast food meals. Everyone on our staff, however, is stellar and we assure them of top notch hotels and meals that are outstanding. The Department of Labor statistics show that our staff salaries exceed others for similar work. If they do more than the minimal expected amount we bonus them further. We look for people who are willing to go that proverbial extra mile and do everything we can to make sure they are happy working with us. We would never ask any member of our staff to anything we are not willing or able to do ourselves.

If everyone would focus on exchange in abundance, or Type 4 exchange, where we all do more than anyone could ever expect in return, we would all receive more of the fruits of life in absolute abundance. There is nothing more aggravating than having to ask more of those who are supposed to be of service to you. Are you not more likely to tip the server who attends to your every need than the one you constantly have to seek to refill your tea glass? How does it feel to call someone you are already paying to provide a service and you have to beg them to give you the service you are already supposed to be receiving? Nothing is more frustrating. L. Ron Hubbard was a proponent of training people who work with you to give much more than is expected of them. This way no one has to police the workforce. People whose ethics are in the right place and who enjoy the fruits of life in abundance truly understand Type 4 exchange. Those who wonder why our staff members are so happy can rest assured that what they see is genuine. We love people and we all strive to practice Type 4 exchange with all of the people we meet. Practice Type 4 exchange in your own life and watch the abundance flow. Instead of trying to get as much as you can from others with as little output from you as possible, turn the tables. Do more and be more. That is exchange with the universe in abundance. Treat your body and your spirit well.

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