January 29, 2022 response

Re: Here is Survey #1 while Front Sight Restructure on HOLD for Member Input and Consensus (1/29/2022, 5:16 a.m.)

Dr. Piazza,

Regarding, the first part of the Restructuring Survey, you wrote:

There will be no further charges on a monthly or annual membership maintenance fee. […]

Please tell us, then, what is the point of this survey?

You ask:

Question #1: Would you agree that Front Sight has developed one of the greatest firearms training facilities in the world, and has trained and employs some of the finest firearms training staff in the world?

Answer: Yes. Having been to only a few firearms training classes, let alone facilities, I may not be in the best position to judge this, but in my opinion Front Sight is above average.

You ask:

Question #2: Were you aware that of the 263,322 Front Sight Members, 171,842 Members have never paid Front Sight any money? Meaning, 171,842 of our 263,322 members have never purchased a membership from Front Sight, or paid for an upgrade, or purchased a special offer, or answered the call to financially participate in the Litigation Funding offers, or the Finish the Fight offers to defeat the unscrupulous people fraudulently attempting to fraudulently foreclose on Front Sight. Were you aware of this?

Answer: No. First, I would have no access to this data short of learning it from you, and you have never to my knowledge shared it. With that said, your track record on honesty is now in question so I must take even this data with a grain of salt.

Second, given how hard you have pushed over the years to get everyone signed up, I understand how this might be the case. My wife, for example, accepted the transfer of one of my lifetime memberships many years ago, knowing she would never attend. She did it to support me in my support of Front Sight. She gets your e-mail updates, and reads every one, so she is involved to that extent, but she has gained no benefit from her membership. Please explain to me why she (as an example) should be sending you money for any reason?

I have also transferred lifetime memberships to friends and family who have yet to take advantage of their memberships. I might as well have given them a pet rock. Should they also be sending you money because I tried to get them involved?

I may be misremembering, but in past e-mail communications from you, have you not bragged about the numbers of Front Sight members? If that is the case, then the non-paying 171,842 members are at times as important as the 91,480 paying members.

I must assume that you have known the ratio of paying-to-non-paying members for some time. For you to imply that this has some bearing on your ability to keep Front Sight afloat, why did you not take steps sooner? You don’t need more ranges for them, or more instructors. You don’t need more office staff to manage requests, more water on the ranges, more targets, more target stands, and etc. In contrast, there are many publications that provide free subscriptions to boost their circulation numbers, which means they have to send magazines / newspapers / whatever to each non-paying subscriber in order to keep their numbers up. In the case of Front Sight, someone else has provided the membership, it costs you nothing to service those memberships, and yet you still get to count them among the Front Sight faithful. As the Blues Brothers’ lyric goes, What da ya want for nothing … a rubber biscuit?

You ask:

Question #3: Were you aware that over the last four years, Dr. Piazza has placed over $2 million dollars of his personal funds into Front Sight’s operations to assist in protecting the organization, the facility, and the members from the unscrupulous people fraudulently attempting to steal Front Sight?

Answer: No, I was not aware of this. Are you saying this is a true representation of what has happened? Having supposedly divulged this data, are you also willing to divulge how many millions you, your friends, and your family have taken out of Front Sight while it was supposedly losing money? There are rumors floating around the Internet, and the numbers are not flattering to you and yours.

You ask:

Question #4: Considering these facts, do you agree that some immediate changes need to be made in Front Sight’s policies, procedures, and fees to defeat the enemies attempting to destroy Front Sight, and ensure Front Sight operates successfully for generations to come?

Answer: No. You have provided nowhere near enough data — let alone information — upon which to base an informed decision. It is troubling that you think this is enough data and/or information on which to base an informed decision.

Dr. Piazza, you say you trust your supporters to operate Front Sight after you are gone. A good start would be to trust us enough to share the data and information we need right now.

Greg Raven, Apple Valley, CA