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I have no idea what they are doing.

CR, January 23, 2022, via e-mail

Are you considering litigation? I think there are enough spurned members for a class action. I would very much like my money back, but I would really like to see Piazza kicked to the curb and someone else owning Front Sight. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Front Sight and litigation.

I don’t have the means to really initiate litigation but I’d hop on with a class action. Front Sight is a great place with good instructors, but Mr. Piazza seems to be a bit of a shyster. Front Sight would likely be better off in different hands. I don’t have much of an internet presence, but I am keeping an eye out for any pending litigation. If I see something come along I’ll let you know.

CK, January 26, 2022, via e-mail

Thanks Greg Raven. Fine job with the collection. It is this type of timeline that I have in mind for the entire history of Piazza’s actions/communications since inception. It is hard to argue with facts. Keep firing at the targets when they appear.

Best response to current issues with Front Sight!!!


Best RESPONSES to current issues with Front Sight!!!

Congratulations on an outstanding piece on the internet regarding Front Sight and the con men!

If you’d like copies of the e-mails I sent to [email protected] after each and every barge of Restructuring e-mails from Dr. Piazza (all of which were never acknowledged of course), I would be happy to share those with you.

I’m currently in Northern Indiana but have been a Front sight member for 6 years.

If you’d care to chat by phone, I’d be more than happy to do that as well. Just trying to network with other members on this desperate attempt of Dr. P to run yet one more scam on his members before its almost certain demise.

Bob Weber, February 8, 2022, via e-mail

Absolutely great write up. I train at FS and Apple Valley Gun Club.

Thanks for your articulate rebuttal of that con man.

JI, February 9, 2022, via e-mail

Here’s a very good post about this, along with some good questions and good informational material.

[Responding to HO:] Pretty good summary of the situation.

[Responding to JG:] Agreed.

I appreciate your succinct response to Naish. You have summed it up perfectly as I was building up to craft such a letter myself, but just didn’t have the bandwidth the past couple weeks. I got as far as a timeline and collecting some notes through the years of archived emails. Man, you nailed it!

I’m a President member as well who also paid up the levels from my initial Diamond membership I bought from a battle buddy 12 yrs ago for $250. There were no xfer fees then.

Don’t forget we’re on the FS advisory board too so we can run FS once he ‘gently places it’ in our hands. Can’t forget that one … LOL!

Unfortunately, I fear that he is going to take all the monies, file a UCC-1 to that Hafen Road addressed LLC then BK the current at 1 FS Road … only to rise, yet again … taking the rag-tag Gold Star membersheep (hereinafter ‘GoldSheep’) with him … probably 20% of the 171,000 maybe … if the 80/20 rule holds true in this instance.

It’s my belief that FS will need to close via foreclosure/liquidation by the trustee to satisfy the outstanding 7mil judgment and that’ll get him out. The judgment was probably renewed at the 10yr mark since he never satisfied it … 1 renewal and that’s it. So it needs to be satisfied within THIS 10yr period, lest the plaintiffs forfeit. Hence, the Hafen Rd activation. He knows this. He will probably buy it back under that entity or family member/friend … and get a do over. It’s a gamble, but his butt is against the wall now since not everyone fell for this BS this time.

He also owes 1.4Mil to the construction company that already did the grading and concrete pours.

All of the above, compounded by the tidal wave of more class actions, and probably state/federal actions … he’s cooked. Oh, and he has to pay legal counsel to weather the legal sh1tstorm baring down on him too!!! Doesn’t bode well financially.

And maybe this was all by design?

It has crossed my mind. I imagine a walled story board wherever he’s holed up, with all this planned out. How else do you restore the membership value after diluting it?? He was supposed to have stopped giving out memberships in 2014-2015 so we had to stock up while you can.

Until he looks in the mirror and starts pointing thumbs instead of fingers, there will never be any change. I think his narsacitic ego can’t fathom that. I think everyone but the GoldSheep saw through the latest rhetoric and maybe that rattled him … who knows?!?

Anyhow, thanks again for your effort and expressing my thoughts and probably the same thoughts of many others!!

Cheers, brother!

AR, February 10, 2022, via e-mail

I am impressed with your 1/22 letter to the pizza man. You have certainty done your homework.

I guess his surveys got him the space to back up. Not sure it will do him any good — I don’t know anyone that trusts this guy. It sounds like he’s just trying to fill his pocket a bit while he’s walking away. Zero of my money will be in his pocket!

His latest Gold Status or NOT letter was just one more time to tell us all that we don’t care about front sight and are a bunch of cheap bastards … or maybe it’s just the way I took it.

I plan on making a reservation soon (our 36th class in 7 years). It will be interesting to see if I can make one under the old rules.

I’m sure you didn’t get a reply from him. If you did. My guess is that you have had your membership removed and you are no longer allowed on the property.

Won’t be the first I’ve heard about.

Anyway, great letter.

Best to you & yours.

SM, February 27, 2022, via e-mail