Front Sight membership cancellation notification: Mike Luker

Like so many, I have followed this disappointing turn of events at Front Sight for the last 3-4 months. I have been a faithful member for the last 10 years or so going from general member, Ambassador, Guardian, Commander, now Director. (There could be more titles somewhere in this progression as well.)

Like most, I knew the marketing plan was unsustainable and fully expected the gates to be closed at sometime when I arrived for training. Like so many, the training has be excellent, the instructors and staff very professional and helpful. Couldn’t ask for more.

What I can’t tolerate is the current treatment of members and I am sure to some degree the staff that we are getting from Piazza. Like most, I have been faithful to the cause getting more than 20 members to join. What do I get in return? I am called an enemy because I expect lifetime training as promised. I am forced into a position to pay more money to bail out Piazza and his loan schemes. Over the last two months, every email from Front Sight has changed the conditions in order to remain a member with favorable status. The bottom line? Pay more money to be a Gold Star member, who is supposedly bestowed near saintly status, or be a unsupportive, disgruntled member who hates Front Sight.

The solution could have been so easy: Members, I overestimated the Front Sight plan. It looks like the only way to stay solvent is to start charging daily and training class fees. Those who choose not to participate in this fee plan, I will reimburse you for your costs. Those who stay will be charge reasonable fees. The fee schedule will begin in January 2023 … or something like that. Everyone knows that day was coming. Just be honest, Piazza. No one is evil out there trying to steal Front Sight from you or anyone else. (Hint: Don’t sign a high interest loan that you can’t repay!)

I have to say, I am not paying any amount to become a Grand Poobah, Golden Exalted Glorious something or other in the future. I have asked for my money back for all of the various memberships I have paid for. No response yet from Front Sight. I hope people realize that nothing given in the exchange of abundance is real. It is all a hoax. Here one day, then by edict, gone the next day. By the time this is over, Front Sight will be foreclosed upon, and the last people in line to get anything back will be the members. Piazza declared bankruptcy when he sold housing lots and could not deliver. He walked away unscathed. Now the same will happen here. It was great while it lasted. I wish the best for the members who are staying. I have to say, one of the greatest benefits from being a member at Front Sight was to be able to train with such great like-minded people. I will miss you.

— Mike Luker, March 14, 2022

Source: Facebook