Front Sight membership cancellation notification: Judson Miers

Sent this email again in response to the latest Gold Star Membership email. I had originally sent this email directly back to [email protected] on 3/3/22. Let’s see what I get back in response this time. Maybe I’m just such a small fish that I won’t matter.

Dr. Piazza,

I am a firm supporter of the mission and goals of FSTI. I even helped out as part of the Fighting 5%, so it came as a shock to be labelled and accused of being the opposition. From a corporate leadership perspective, that was simply unacceptable and behavior unbecoming an officer, albeit a civilian / corporate one instead of a military one. The additional clarifications have done NOTHING to ease my discomfort with the new direction of FS, whatever that may be today. Add these clarifications to the impending judgement(s) against you and FS, I am compelled to ask for a refund and part ways with FS at this time.

I hope I am wrong about you, but your actions are very suspect with a complete lack of actual corporate transparency expected in a functional organization in the US. Your recent actions also smack of what the Church of Scientology does to those who have and express legitimate questions, ie labelling them as subversive persons, instead of answering reasonable, if somewhat difficult questions.

Again, I request a refund of the fees I have paid over the years and a separation from FS at this time.

— Judson Miers, March 14, 2022

Source: Facebook