Front Sight membership cancellation notification: Jeffrey Sharn

Jeffrey Scharn,

Due to the tone and content of your communications about the Front Sight organization, even with the effort we have made to respond to your concerns, we feel it is best you seek your training elsewhere.

Although our records indicate you have attended or are scheduled to attend 8 of courses at Front Sight, our records indicate you have only paid Front Sight $400 over the history of your membership.

Enclosed is a refund check in the amount of $400 representing what you have paid Front Sight. Your membership is now closed.

Best wishes to you in seeking your training elsewhere.

Front Sight Management

Oh happier times! This is me in 2018 after I won my third man-on-man challenge after the Four Day Defensive Pistol class. I DG’ed that class, and went on in later times to take the advanced pistol classes which I enjoyed immensely. Was looking forward to doing it again some day.

Fast-forward to 2022, and I got my official ban letter and refund check. Gads, I truly hope that someday Front Sight is taken over by someone sane who will run it like a legit business so that I can return and share in those good times again.

— Jeff Scharn, March 5, 2022

Jeff Scharn

Source: Facebook