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Date: May 24, 2022 at 5:21:46 PM PDT

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dear [member],

As you should know from the daily emails I have been sending you for the last four years, a man by the name of Robert Dzuibla and his Las Vegas Development Fund have engaged in a foreclosure action against Front Sight in an attempt to prevent us from proving our claims against them.

Back in 2018, with full transparency, I immediately notified you of Dzuibla's wrongful foreclosure action when we filed a lawsuit against him, and I have kept you apprised of the litigation all along the way.

Through our lawsuit against Dzuibla and his Las Vegas Development Fund, for fraud in the inducement, theft and breach of contract, we have demonstrated to the Court we were lied to by Dzuibla over 30 times to induce us into his deal. We have shown the Court that Dzuibla continued to lie once we were in the deal. We have shown he lied to the Court as well. We have identified Las Vegas Development Fund misappropriated over $100,000 dollars of the money we paid to secure the funding. We have shown Las Vegas Development Fund misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing funds we provided them to market the funding program. Under sworn testimony, Dzuibla admitted to destroying crucial financial evidence of where the marketing money was diverted. We have demonstrated Las Vegas Development Fund breached the contract with us the day it was signed and continued to breach the contract. Recently, one of the nation's preeminent lender liability experts has reviewed our case and identified numerous lending laws that Dzuibla violated, including engaging in predatory lending.

On the other hand, we have proven we spent every penny we received from Dzuibla appropriately per the contract, and in fact spent significantly more money on the project than he provided. We have demonstrated we were never in default, yet Dzuibla wrongfully filed a notice of default and intent to foreclose against us in 2018.

We also just completed a jury trial in California, where the jury gave us a complete and decisive victory against all the outrageous claims that Dzuibla brought against Front Sight and me in a slap suit he filed to try to intimidate me into dropping our lawsuit against him, and not providing any further communication to you.

With all the proof we have placed in front of the Nevada Court, we should have won this case several times over as well. Instead, the Court is now allowing the wrongful foreclosure action to proceed, before we have the opportunity to win this case in a jury trial, even though we have AN UNDISPUTED APPRAISAL OF Front Sight’s LAND, WATER RIGHTS, AND IMPROVEMENTS VALUED AT OVER 25 MILLION DOLLARS, WHICH SECURES OUR RIGHT TO CONTINUE OUR LEGAL BATTLE TO A JURY TRIAL. On top of that, our damages for Las Vegas Development Fund's failure to provide the promised funding and wrongful foreclosure action FAR EXCEED the amount of money in dispute, but due to rulings by the judge in the Nevada case, we will not have the opportunity to win this case in front of a jury BEFORE a foreclosure action proceeds. The decisions in this case are baffling. As baffling as what we all witnessed in the cases brought by President Donald Trump after his election was fraudulently stolen in 2020. That is all I am allowed to say. You can draw your own conclusions.

Please understand that this ENTIRE situation is being caused by Dzuibla and his Las Vegas Development Fund, now wrongfully foreclosing on Front Sight to prevent us from defeating him in a jury trial in October. Had Dzuibla actually delivered on his promised funding instead of misleading us. Front Sight Resort would have been completed back in 2016. Instead, Dzuibla and those supporting him to destroy Front Sight have wasted 8 years of Front Sight’s development. The first four years were wasted by Dzuibla's utter failure to deliver the promised funding to complete the resort. The next four years were wasted in litigation to defend against Dzuibla's wrongful foreclosure action.

Dzuibla promised $75 million dollars in phased funding to complete the resort. He knew we would need to complete the resort to pay back the $75 million because we told him we could not do the deal at all, unless he could provide the full funding. He delivered $6.375 million to get us in the deal, but then did not provide the rest of the promised funding, leaving us in a situation where he knew we could not pay back the funds or complete the project. Dzuibla then claimed we were in default, when we were not, and filed a wrongful foreclosure action, which essentially prevented us from securing any other financing to take him out. You can see that all he was trying to do was to steal our $25 million dollar property for a $6.375 million dollar loan. And in doing so, steal your membership in the process.

For the last four years I have been fighting Dzuilbla [sic] to save Front Sight and YOUR membership from his predatory lending practices and wrongful foreclosure action.

Along the way, past employees and past members of Front Sight who were terminated for legitimate reasons, including some very egregious conduct, have aligned with the enemies bent on destroying Front Sight. Because they are no longer welcome, they are doing everything they can to ruin Front Sight so you can no longer enjoy your membership. In addition, within our own ranks, for their own nefarious reasons, a very small number of members have been covertly and actively working to destroy Front Sight. Along with attempting to create discontent, ill will, and disruption among our membership, staff, vendors and potential lenders through their posting of outrageously slanderous, libelous, and defamatory comments on the Internet, some of these members were sending confidential information to our enemies to use against us. In fact, one Front Sight Knight surreptitiously recorded my confidential litigation update I provided to the Knights during the July 4th event and sent it to the attorneys of our enemies to use against us.

We are talking about no more than a few hundred disgraced and dishonored members and employees we have shunned over the last 25 years versus hundreds of thousands of great members like you and a very loyal and productive Front Sight staff, yet with all the shamefully slanderous, libelous and defamatory comments, mostly centered around accusations of financial improprieties, I feel you need to see the truth versus their lies.

To dispel some of the most ridiculous lies being spread by our enemies about me, Brad Ackman, our supportive staff, and our great members let me assure you that Brad has not come out of the closet as being gay. He does not hate women. He is not the new owner of Front Sight and he has not abandoned his duties. He does not support nor has he initiated a hostile takeover of Front Sight. I have not spent all of Front Sight’s money on street drugs and patronizing brothels. In fact, I have NEVER used ANY recreational drugs and at the age of 62 do not take ANY prescription medication either. I have never even seen the front door of a brothel let alone ever walked inside one. No, our members have not descended on the offices or homes of any lender armed with guns and threatened anyone. No, our employees have not walked off the job or threatened a mutiny to take over Front Sight. As I said, ridiculously slanderous, libelous and defamatory comments.

The lies our enemies are spreading about financial impropriety are equally outrageous so here is the TRUTH...

Over the last 25 years Front Sight has collected $147,784,303.10 from our members. With this amount of money collected Front Sight has done the following:

We have delivered (meaning actually provided the courses to individual students) $260,210,000 dollars of retail value in Four Day Courses.

We have delivered (meaning actually provided the courses to individual students) $122,663,000 dollars of retail value in Two Day Courses.

We have delivered (meaning actually provided the courses to individual students) $80,000,000 dollars of retail value in Private Training Courses.

This is a total of $462,873,000 dollars in training courses provided at retail value to members, their family, and friends.

In addition, Front Sight has delivered 54,683 guns as bonuses to members for their participation, along with assorted gear bonuses, hats and membership cards totaling over $30,000,000 dollars.

In addition, Front Sight built the world's largest and best firearms training facility appraised at over $25,000,000 dollars.

In addition, Front Sight has created the greatest firearms training instructional staff and support staff in the industry and during the last 25 years, have paid them over $100,000,000 dollars. I am not part of the instructional or support staff. NONE of this money was ever paid to me.

In addition, over the last 25 years Front Sight has spent well over $10,000,000 in assorted legal expenses.

If you are a business owner, you know there are dozens of other daily expenses that during 25 years add up to tens of millions of dollars more in money spent delivering value to our members and students.

In addition, since Front Sight is an LLC, and I am the sole member, all Front Sight profit must flow down to me, and I am responsible for paying the tax on the profit. Front Sight has been profitable EVERY YEAR. As a result, most of the money that our enemies slanderously claim I pulled from Front Sight was to PAY Front Sight’s TAXES!

In fact, over the last four years, while I have been fighting the enemies attempting to destroy Front Sight and fighting to protect your membership, I actually placed $2,275,802 (two million, two hundred seventy five thousand, eight hundred two dollars) more into Front Sight than I took out. Meaning over the last four years, EVERY PENNY I took out of Front Sight, even to pay Front Sight’s taxes, I put back into Front Sight PLUS $2,275,802 dollars MORE! In 2022, I have not taken a dime from Front Sight. I'm now the ONLY person working for Front Sight to win this battle against our enemies and save your membership who is NOT being paid.

Add all these numbers up and you can see that accusations of financial impropriety are ludicrous. Those attempting to turn our members, staff, vendors, and even potential lenders against us and destroy Front Sight’s ability to fight the wrongful foreclosure action with their nefarious slander, libel and defamation, know that what they are saying is not true. Front Sight has done an amazingly remarkable and ethical job in creating the greatest firearms training facility and organization in the world, while providing you and your family with a huge Exchange in Abundance for the last 25 years.

We would still be providing that Exchange in Abundance, and doing so for generations to come, with a completed resort, had Robert Dzuibla and his Las Vegas Development Fund, now moving to wrongfully foreclose on Front Sight to avoid a jury trial in October, had delivered on his promised funding instead of lying to us and stealing from us.

So what do we do when faced with a situation where enemies are attempting to destroy Front Sight and steal your membership for their own greed and twisted agendas? What do we do when we have not done anything wrong, yet cannot seem get the relief we deserve from the Court?

Well, I've taken a page from Donald Trump's successful business strategy and filed a formal, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Business Reorganization.

Now I'm sure you will agree that this is BIG News! If you are not familiar with a Chapter 11 Reorganization, you may be questioning how this is POSITIVE News? For our loyal and supportive members it is VERY POSITIVE News. For our enemies, it is VERY BAD News.

Here's WHY:

1. The Chapter 11 Reorganization IMMEDIATELY STOPS all litigation and hopefully some of the exorbitant costs that go along with it.

2. The Chapter 11 Reorganization, allows Front Sight the opportunity to reorganize our policies, procedures and fees so we will successfully operate for generations to come and complete the resort.

3. The Chapter 11 Reorganization allows Front Sight the opportunity to terminate the memberships of those in the organization who have in any way disparaged Front Sight, its management and staff, or aligned with the enemies of Front Sight.

4. And best of all, Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan allows Front Sight the opportunity to provide our loyal and supportive members with ownership in the profits of Front Sight without our members being exposed to any liability, and to 2X REWARD our Gold Status Members, Platinum Members, Champion Club Members, and those members making contributions to assist in Front Sight completing our reorganization.

As you can now see, THIS IS VERY POSITIVE NEWS!

So as a loyal and supportive member, how can you help?

Very simple.

1. Attend our courses. Here is a link to the schedule of courses throughout the rest of the year. Take a course!

2. Starting June 1, per reorganization motions in the Chapter 11 Reorganization, Front Sight will begin charging all students a $100 per day, per student fee to cover range maintenance, staff support and insurance. Attend our courses, pay the $100 daily fee and support Front Sight’s reorganization now and in the future.

3. Watch for an email from me shortly that will direct you to the reorganization website where you can opt in to receive email and electronic notifications rather than snail mailed notifications for more immediate and consistent notification regarding Front Sight’s Reorganization. This will also save Front Sight significant costs in snail mail and postage.

4. Support our plan moving forward so Front Sight Firearms Training Institute successfully completes our reorganization in 2022 and emerges in 2023 to operate successfully for generations to come, complete the resort, and provide our loyal and supportive members with ownership in our profits, without any liability exposure.

5. Whether you are Gold Status or not, whether you have participated previously or not, I respectfully request you support Front Sight’s Reorganization with a contribution to the highest level you can afford. Yes, I'm asking for a contribution without providing my usual Exchange In Abundance. Until we are able to complete Front Sight’s Reorganization I cannot offer you the usual Exchange in Abundance I have provided you and all the members over the last 25 years. Instead, I am asking for you to reciprocate the Exchange in Abundance I have provided you and your family over the last 25 years by contributing to Front Sight’s Reorganization and legal costs to the highest level you can. HOWEVER, I can assure you every dollar you provide will be used toward completing our reorganization and every dollar you provide will be recognized as coming from you as we 2X REWARD our loyal and supportive members with ownership in Front Sight’s profit, based on your historic participation.


Secure, Online Contribution Form

Gold Status is now closed. Whether you were able to secure Gold Status or not when it was offered is not the point of this video. I show you this video as a sample of the thousands of members who believe in what Front Sight stands for and are willing to support our legal fight against the enemies attempting to destroy Front Sight. Join with them and support Front Sight’s Reorganization and legal fight NOW. Contribute and join your fellow patriots like this one...

[Michael Shira]

Thank you again for your continued, loyal support of the greatest firearms training organization and firearms training facility in the world.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Founder and Director

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

#1 Front Sight Road

Pahrump, NV 89061


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