The Makings of a Hit Reality TV Show: 40 Cops in Shootout with Civilians

Robert Smith and Associates

40 of the nation’s finest law enforcement officers go head-to-head against 40 highly trained private citizens in a battle of nerves and skill with handguns, shotguns, rifles, and submachine guns to become the "Last Man Standing" on FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE, a new 26 episode Reality TV Series airing January 7 on VERSUS Network.

The best of law enforcement from around the country responded to FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE for a face-off with ordinary citizens who have taken the responsibility to protect themselves and their families by receiving firearms training that surpasses law enforcement standards at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

As the lead begins to fly on FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE it becomes clear that egos are not bullet proof.

Over 26 weekly episodes, seasoned law enforcement officers including SWAT, Federal Agents, Big City Cops and gun savvy private citizens are eliminated with equal disregard for their status or experience.

Only the fast, accurate, and mentally tough survive to fight again. Each episode eliminates three contestants and advances one episode winner to the FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE ALL-STAR COMPETITION, featured on Episodes 20 through 25. The challenges in the FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE ALL-STAR COMPETITION become greater, more difficult and more explosive— resulting in the last five contestants out of 80 to battle it out with five different weapons each in the FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP on Episode 26.


Season One of FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE culminates with the crowning of the "Best of the Best" FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE GRAND CHAMPION.

Will it be a gun trained private citizen who defeats the best that law enforcement can offer or will law enforcement training prevail in this never before televised gun competition of COP VS CITIZEN!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the Founder and Director of world renown Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Four Weapons Combat Master hosts FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE.

"This is the only show in the world that features our nation’s finest law enforcement personnel and highly trained private citizen locked in an epic battle of skill at arms," says Piazza.

"The competition is extremely challenging and tensions are fueled by the desires of the law enforcement officers to proudly demonstrate that their training will prevail against all comers while the civilians strive to prove that a gun in the hands of a trained, law abiding citizen is the best protection of all."

Piazza adds, "Every episode pits a wild collection of occupations and personalities against each other with surprising results that can only be attributed to the stress of this brand of 'do or die' competition."


Robert Smith and Associates