Two deputies head to firearms training

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By: Sue Thackeray, Courier staff — June 13, 2003

A chance meeting at a firearms competition has two Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies headed for a prestigious firearms training facility in Nevada free of charge.

Det. Ken Culbreath and Training Specialist Jason Salter were recently taking part in a shooting competition at the Thunder Gun Range on FM 1314 in their free time.

Salter had been researching firearms training programs throughout the country and saw a man wearing a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute hat. Front Sight is a prestigious program Salter was familiar with.

I had heard good things about the school and had researched it, Salter said. He struck up a conversation with the man, Dan Dennis of Humble, and one thing led to another.

On Thursday, Dennis presented Salter, Culbreath and Lt. J.C. Fleming with a $2,400 scholarship to enable two deputies to attend a four-day defensive firearms training course at Front Sight’s facility near Las Vegas.

Law enforcement officers have an extremely dangerous and difficult job, Dennis said. When your life is on the line every day, you can never get enough training. I am pleased to be in a position to offer Front Sight’s highly regarded firearms training courses to the men and women that serve our communities. They deserve it.

After accepting the certificates for the program, Fleming told Dennis that Culbreath and Salter would be the two officers attending the program.

Being members of the Sheriff’s Department’s tactical response team and trainers at the academy, Culbreath and Salter will be able to share the skills they learn at Front Sight with numerous other law enforcement officers.

We will have the opportunity to come back and train other people in the department, Culbreath said. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department is getting a direct benefit because we will be able to provide additional training to our officers here. The department and the citizens of Montgomery County will get a huge benefit from this.

Dennis is a Front Sight First Family member, which allows him access to certificates for free training courses which he can use as he pleases.

Why not donate them to law enforcement officers? Dennis said. They're the people who need this sort of training the most.

Dennis said he attended a training course at Front Sight two years ago and was extremely impressed with the program. He has returned several times and told Salter and Culbreath to let him know when they plan to go because he may join them.

It made me aware of the importance of firearms training for law enforcement personnel and citizens alike, he said. Especially in Texas, there are a lot of concealed handgun permits and a lot of people carrying concealed weapons, but not a lot of training.

In the four-day defensive handgun course, Culbreath and Salter will not only receive lectures on a number of topics, but will take part in firing range drills focusing on target engagement from arms length to 25 yards under time pressure, speed and tactical reloading and a live-fire tactical simulator and low light and night shooting among other things.

Fleming, Culbreath and Salter presented Dennis with a certificate of appreciation from the department for the donation Thursday.

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