The Nations’s Best Shooting for Women

The Nations Best Shooting For Women
"We finally got Mom to love shooting once
Dad took her to Front Sight"
"A lot of women are afraid of guns. Coming to a course at Front Sight will teach you how to be more confident with weapons and yourself. You will know how to defend yourself and the ones you love."

Kamie Blake,
Front Sight Training Located just 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Front Sight offers world class training in the defensive use of handgun, shotgun, rifle, and submachine gun. All courses are taught by personable real-world instructors who will dramatically elevate your shills and bring out the best and most in you.
All training is done in a positive and supportive manner. You will learn the "street-proven" firearms skills that you can count on to safely protect yourself, your family and others. Whether you have never shot a gun before or have been shooting for years, Front Sight’s ratio of one instructor for every four to five students on the firing line will provide you with all the personal attention you need to greatly enhance your confidence and ability with the weapon of your choice. After attending a course at Front Sight, everyone will ask you, Where did you learn how to handle a gun so well?
Dear Front Sight

I came because my husband insisted. I expected not to enjoy myself because I did not feel competent enough to do this and was really apprehensive. But what I found is that the instructors were so patient and encouraging. I was like the little engine that said I Think I can, I think I can … I know I can! You don't have to be an expert to attend this course. It is as enjoyable for a novice like myself as it is to shooters of all skill levels. Don't be intimidated. Try it!

Debra Teal, Housewife
Now, we have a First Family Membership…

Memberships are available that drastically reduce the cost of training the entire family and offer a lifetime of courses for pennies on the dollar. Membership information is provided during courses at Front Sight or call to receive a membership brochure for Front Sight Resort.
Once you experience the professionalism of the Front Sight organization, the quality of the curriculum and instructional staff, and the caring and supportive manner in which Front Sight treats each and every student, you will want your entire family to receive the training. Families return every year for a Front Sight vacation and receive safe, responsible and fun training that lasts a lifetime. Mom, dad and their teenagers train together, learning skills that may someday save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Front Sight courses teach respect and control of weapons. A Front Sight course for the whole family is the best way to bring your children up around firearms and teach them the right way from the start. Front Sight Training is family bonding at its best!
"As a woman student I was concerned whether I could really do the class. I'm glad I attended because I learned so much more in two days than I had in the last year of shooting. I now have confidence to draw my gun, shoot and even clear any malfunctions in 2-3 seconds. I can do it every single time."

Juliana Bernabe, CFO
Mom’s are typically apprehensive about firearms in general — it comes naturally with their sensitive protective nature. But, once the woman in the mom emerges, after experiencing proper training, safety and awareness with firearms, things change. They feel more secure in their ability to protect their loved ones, should the need arise. Once they feel the excitement of target shooting, their competitive nature surfaces and they are on their way to being a successful shooter! That’s why, once dad got Mom to Front Sight Resort / Las Vegas, Nevada, she loved it is heard time and time again! To enroll in a course visit their website. For more information e-mail them at. To request a brochure call.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director
Four-Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series