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Couple confronted by armed criminals

‪As a criminal pointed a gun directly at him and his girlfriend, B.J. Baldwin had to make a split-second decision.‬‬ ‪That’s when his firearms training kicked in.‬ He fired 10 shots. All 10 shots hit the target.‬


Trudeau’s gun ban won’t make us safer

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled a ban on the sale of 1,500 models and variants of firearms. Some of these guns are already banned, but none of the prohibited weapons are “military-grade assault weapons” — the supposed target of Trudeau’s measure.


The Blacklist’s misinformation on guns

These days, television entertainment shows depict gun owners either as buffoons or criminals. They never portray regular civilians using guns to save lives, and instead, like to show firearms falling into the wrong hands.

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