Martial Arts Students On the Lookout for Firearms Training

by Jim McMahon

A new movement taking place with martial arts students is attracting attention in both the martial arts and firearms training arenas. More and more, martial arts students are gravitating to acquiring firearms training as an extension to their martial arts self-defensive skills.

In fact, this trend has been picking up speed lately to a significant degree. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The desire for perfecting personal-safety and self-defense skills by serious martial arts students has always been enormous. The growing initiative by martial arts practitioners to become proficient in firearms handling is, apparently, a natural progression in self-defensive skills development. In light of recent heightened environmental-threat alertness, this desire for firearms training is booming with martial arts students.

Our students and their parents are interested in self defense and personal safety. A high percentage also have an interest in firearms for protection. Says Marcia Thornton, co-owner of Ultimate Training Center Martial Arts and Fitness in Park City, Utah.

The similarities between martial arts training and firearms training are very much in line. Thornton continues. Both disciplines train people in self defense and personal safety tactics. Many of my students have been asking about additional training in edged weapons, impact weapons and firearms.

We find martial arts studios literally on every other corner of every city and town in America. However, firearms training schools are comparatively few and far between. How do you know how to pick a good one, one that is both safe and competent? Martial arts students are asking their instructors.

Until recently, my referrals for firearms training schools were limited. Says Thornton. Then, out of my desire to augment my own personal protection, I searched out and found a firearms training school that is a completely professional place to refer my students who wanted firearms training.

Obviously, many martial arts students are too young to handle a real firearm. Even for young students, some schools provide programs where they can learn the safety aspects of firearms handling with experienced firearms instructors, using phony guns to practice. This excellent learning environment gives kids a hands-on understanding of firearms, the seriousness of using one safely and avoiding accidents.

For those martial arts students who are a little older, the opportunity exists for them to learn how to handle a real firearm, with or without ammunition, in a controlled environment closely supervised by highly trained firearms instructors.

However, not many schools provide this level of firearms safety and skills training for youths. In fact, most schools fall short in delivering comprehensive training in the basics of handling firearms and their safe use, even for adults.

One firearms training school located just outside Las Vegas, Front Sight Resorts, delivers an extremely comprehensive program for youths covering all aspects of firearms handling and safety. Their program is so popular with martial arts studios that literally hundreds of them from all over the U.S. participate in a program for training of their students in firearms skills. Front Sight is reported to be the largest and fastest-growing firearms training school in the U.S.

Even a person who does not own or like firearms may someday be in a situation where knowing how to handle a firearm, even if only to render it safe, may be a lifesaving skill. Says Richard Sharrer, a veteran firearms instructor with Front Sight Resorts.

Front Sight provides a wonderful opportunity for martial arts students of all ages to learn how to handle and deal with firearms safely. Sharrer continues. This is invaluable for any youth or adult, not to mention their family members and friends. Proper training has potential life-saving implications.

Students emerge from our training with a realistic understanding of what it means to handle a firearm. Sharrer says. What their responsibilities are when they possess this weapon. What to do with it, and what not to do with it, and this certainly includes the most comprehensive level of safety training to be found anywhere.

Martial arts students tend to be an exacting bunch. The various self-defensive disciplines themselves require exacting precision. One would not expect anything less in their selection of firearms training.

Says Thornton, Just as students would want to get the best martial arts training, when it comes to learning how to handle a firearm competently and safely, Front Sight provides the ideal program for these students — in terms of both the technical aspect of the training, and their personal rapport.

Front Sight Resorts is located on a 550-acre state-of-the-art facility 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information call.

Jim McMahon has written numerous articles on self-defense.

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