Getting a grasp on violent hate crimes

By Front Sight Resorts

Hate crimes are criminal offenses motivated by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. 61% of hate crimes are motivated by race; 14% by religion; 11% by ethnicity; 13% by sexual orientation; and less than 1% by disability.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics most recent report on Hate Crimes, released in September 2001, 84% of the victims of violent hate crimes were most likely individuals, as opposed to businesses. Most victims of the most violent hate crimes were between the ages of 13 and 34 years.

Surprisingly, white males were the victims of the most aggressions of hate crimes. 40% of all hate crimes were perpetrated against this group. 25% against white females. 20% against black males. And 12% against black females.

The listing below shows the most frequent violent hate crimes:

  1. 28% of hate crimes are vandalism.
  2. 23% are assault by intimidation.
  3. 22% are simple assault.
  4. 13% of hate crimes are aggravated assault.
  5. 5% are theft.
  6. 3% are burglary.
  7. 1% are robbery.
  8. Less than 1% are rape and sexual assault.
  9. Less than 1% are arson.

18% of all violent hate crimes include a weapon presented or used by the offender. What might you encounter? 4% use firearms; 4% use a knife or other sharp object; 3% use a blunt object; and 1% use a motor vehicle.

The best defense against this hate crime aggression is your own ability to stop them in their tracks.

Don’t let yourself, or your family, become a victim of someone’s deranged violent actions. Learn the skills to protect yourself and your family. Find out about Front Sight Resorts self defense and personal safety courses for all ages.

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