Burglary is on the Rise, How Do They Get Into Your Home?

In 2002, the number of homes burglarized per 1,000 residences increased 0.6% to 7.5 homes entered per 1,000. This per the FBI Uniform Crime Report. 2003. Burglaries have increased for the second straight year.

Communities showing the biggest increases are cities under 25,000 population, suburban areas and rural areas. Home burglaries represent the second fastest growing segment of criminal activity per the FBI report.

According to the Police Department in Simi Valley, California, one of America’s safest cities … Many burglars will spend no more than 60 seconds to try and break into a home. Burglars can commit rapes, robberies, and assaults if they are surprised by someone coming home, or pick a home that is occupied.

So, how are these criminal home invaders getting in? The Criminal Victimization report, released by the Department of Justice in 2000, profiles their preferred methods of entry into your home …

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