Front Sight Special Advance Notice (February 1996)

If you are reading this Special Advance Notice it is because the person who gave it to you considers you among a select group of people that Front Sight is most interested in training — those with a passion for weaponcraft. You and those like you deserve the first shot at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute courses in 1996.

Since you are receiving this Special Advance Notice in your brochure before Front Sight advertises to the general shooting public, you are getting a jump on everyone else which gives you the best selection of available course dates — and an insider’s deal on any courses you choose.

I’m sure you know that advertising is expensive. By initially promoting Front Sight’s brochure only to individuals like yourself, Front Sight bypasses the more costly forms of advertising and passes the savings on to you. As you can see from the significant deductions for early enrollment, you will save hundreds of dollars and have the first opportunity to reserve any courses during the year.

Enroll in as many courses as you would like. Simply make copies of the application on the back of this brochure and complete one for each course selected.

I do not anticipate offering any other discounts after April 1, 1996, and expect courses to fill quickly once advertising Front Sight to the general public begins, so don’t waste any time. Take immediate advantage of the savings and course selection I am offering you by getting your applications in early.

I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight!

Dr. Ignatius Piazza