Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Firearms Training Membership

FROM: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight's Founder and Director
Four Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series


I'm glad to see you are interested in a Lifetime Membership at Front Sight.

A Challenge Lifetime Membership is for the student who wants the opportunity to attend our world-class, flagship courses repeatedly and become a real gun expert in the use of Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle, Submachine Gun and Select-Fire M16.

Named the Challenge Lifetime Membership after our gun enthusiasts' hit Reality TV Series, Front Sight Challenge which is shown twice each week on VERSUS (VS) Network, this membership will allow you to train to the same impressive levels of the Front Sight students you see as Front Sight Challenge contestants on TV.

Who knows, you may be a future Front Sight Challenge contestant after attending the courses under your Challenge Lifetime Membership!

Here’s What You Get With Your Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Membership:

And Grab These Fabulous Bonuses-- but you will have to act quickly to secure them...

Rapid Response Bonus #1: If you Respond Today and purchase a Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Membership with a single payment, I will provide you with a complete Tactical Accessories Package to outfit you properly for your first handgun course at Front Sight. The Tactical Accessories Package includes: A black nylon SWAT Gun Belt, Handgun Holster, Handgun Magazine Pouch and Surefire Tactical Flashlight, so you have all the right accessory gear your first Four Day Defensive Handgun Course. When you arrive for your first course, your Front Sight gear will be waiting for you.

(Bonus #1 is extremely limited and can only be guaranteed if you enroll today with a single payment. If you return to this site tomorrow it may not be available as we only have a limited supply of these bonuses.)

Rapid Response Bonus #2: If you Respond Today and purchase a Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Membership with a single payment, I will provide you with a Springfield Armory XD-40 Handgun! That's right! Upon enrolling today you with a single payment as a Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Member you will receive a VIP Gun Certificate for a Springfield Armory XD-40 Handgun. Upon your next visit to Front Sight, present your VIP Gun Certificate to Wes or Anna in the Pro Shop and they will present you with your Springfield Armory XD-40 and you will use it at Front Sight the entire course. After the course, we will ship the gun to your local FFL Dealer so it can be transferred into your name. Very simple and efficient! (All FFL Rules apply so we must transfer it to you through your FFL Dealer)

(Bonus #2 is even more limited than Bonus #1 so if this bonus is being listed today, JUMP ON IT because it may not be listed tomorrow. The supply of these bonus Springfield Armory XD-40 is extremely limited and will only be guaranteed if you enroll while this bonus is listed on this page.)

Enroll online today with our Secure Enrollment Form below or print out the Rapid Enrollment Form below and Fax it today, or simply Call Us to enroll over the phone.

(As you are reading this, so are other students... and they are enrolling so the bonuses can literally be gone overnight.)

Due to the popularity of our 26 episode Reality TV series, thousands of people visit our site every day and find their way to our lifetime membership pages to take advantage of the greatest firearms training value in the world. You should too and you should do it before the bonuses are gone! There is no reason for someone else to get your Springfield Armory XD-40 and Gear!

The VALUE of a Challenge Lifetime Membership FAR EXCEEDS the Cost.

As you know, the cost of a four day course alone at Front Sight is $2,000 and a Two Day Course is $1,000. If you were to simply attend each course in your Challenge Lifetime Memberships just ONCE, the value is $15,000!

But you won’t attend just once and here's why:

The most common words we hear students say after the FIRST DAY of their FIRST COURSE is "I cannot believe how much I did not know!"

The most common words we hear from students after the SECOND DAY of the their FIRST COURSE is, "I can not believe how much I am learning!"

The most common words we hear from students after the THIRD DAY of their FIRST COURSE is "I can’t wait to bring my family and friends back with me!"

And the most common words we hear from students after the FOURTH DAY of their FIRST COURSE is "I can’t believe there is so much more to learn! I’m coming back for every course on my membership and bringing a different gun each time!"

Don't take our word for it, click on these videos and let members who recently attended courses at Front Sight tell you in their own words...

So if you attend each course JUST ONCE (which we know you won’t) you get $15,000 in value... If you attend each course multiple times with different weapons (which we know you will do as much as possible) the value of your Challenge Lifetime Memberships exceeds $50,000!

Why does this work for us? Because each time you return home you will tell everyone you know about what a great time you had at Front Sight and each time you return to Front Sight you will bring another family member or friend with you and help us grow our organization with great word of mouth referrals!

So you are going to get $15,000 to over $50,000 of value out of your Challenge Lifetime Membership and we are going to get a lifetime of your good will, good words and great referrals! Everyone wins!

So What's it Going to Cost?

Front Sight Challenge Lifetime Membership
In Three Easy Payment Options

___ 90 monthly credit card payments of $133 for a total cost of $11,970.

___ 60 monthly credit card payments of $149 for a total cost of $8,940 (You Save $3,030!)

___ Single payment of $6,900 (You Save $5,070!) Plus by paying with a single payment you get the Bonus Tactical Package and Bonus Springfield Armory XD-40 Handgun while bonuses are still displayed on this page!

So Choose Which Payment Plan You Want And Call My Assistant Jon Right Now to Enroll Over the Phone and secure your Challenge Lifetime Membership plus bonuses or print out the Rapid Enrollment Form below and Fax it Today or use the Secure On-Line Enrollment Form below.

I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight as a Challenge Lifetime Member and someday seeing you on our TV Series too!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Four Weapons Combat Master

PS: If you are reading this after hours, complete the Rapid Response Enrollment Form above and fax it to 831.684.2137 for immediate acceptance in order received.

PPS: To see video testimonials of your fellow students sharing why a Front Sight Lifetime Membership has made such a positive impact on their lives, click on testimonials.

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