Piazza v. Belvedere, Belvedere City Council, and Belvedere Planning Commission

Belvedere homeowner sues city over approval of neighbor’s dock

A property owner with a history of fighting neighbors’ proposals to build piers on their bay-front properties is suing the Belvedere City Council and Planning Commission — as well as the city — over the approval of a private pier at 121 Belvedere Ave. (upper center home in image). Anthony Piazza, the owner of 125 Belvedere Ave. (lower right), filed the lawsuit along with a petition for writ of mandate — a request to review or reverse an official decision — earlier this month under the name of his Nevada-based company INJ, LLC. The suit seeks to overturn a June City Council decision that went against Piazza by disqualifying the votes of Mayor Nancy Kemnitzer and then-Mayor Bob McCaskill for being biased and prejudiced against Piazza.

Source: Hannah Weikel, The Ark

Check out what seems to be Dr. Piazza’s place in Belvedere.